Saturday, November 14, 2015

Meltdown at Mizzou (and Other Campuses)

(Image by Glenn McCoy)
On Saturdays, sports fans around the country tune-in to college football games.  However, it's uncertain if the Mizzou football team will be suiting-up.
They may still be too busy protesting.
Initially, I only scanned the headlines of this on-going saga, but the situation escalated in a matter of days.  The epicenter of discontent occurred at Missouri State U, "Mizzou," where  college kids are unhappy with the school president's response, or lack thereof, regarding racism, social injustice and of course the so-called "white privilege."
Apparently, Mizzou's president didn't move fast enough, to address their grievances--real or imagined--nor are his responses in PC-compliance.
Jonah Goldberg wondered if these campus commotions show we're raising fragile kids.
The short answer is:  Yes.
PJ Media which has gotten into the YouTube act, and posted Missouri U in Chaos as PC Police Crackdown.
At Claremont McKenna College, the Dean of Students was forced out and Mark Steyn concludes:  Tomorrow belongs to them (as in the college cry babies).
Guy Benson calls today's universities "petri-dishes of grievance-mongering" as more campuses are gripped with anti-freedom hysteria.   
Sultan Knish examined their tactics in his article: Crymobs, Crybullying and Left's Whiny War On Free Speech.

For sports fans:  I hope you enjoy today's games.

As for the Mizzou football players, be careful what you wish for...

(Image by Chip Bok)

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