Tuesday, November 10, 2015

No Jihad to See On the Shrinking Horizon

(Image by Chip Bok)

While I was down with a cold last week, I still managed to scan the headlines.  I've certainly had worse illnesses and injuries, so I could have wrote more timely posts.

But I noticed right away, each story that caught my eye, or the attention of my friends, followed the same tiresome trajectory, which sapped my motivation for writing more timely posts:

Someone goes on a shooting/stabbing spree in public shouting "Allahu Akbar!"
Chances are good in this post-9/11 world that the perpetrator is a guy named Mo.
Mo, as in Mohammed.
Then we're told by officials and the media that, while they're trying to ascertain the perpetrator's motive, they're 100% certain it had nothing to do with Islam.

And these types of "assurances" are being peddled all over the civilized world, such as Euro-leaders claiming terrorists, like this one, aren't trying to sneak into their homelands.

Mark Steyn wrote about the shrinking horizon.  That is a world of interconnected "green(ish) zones." 

But why bother with distant shores when enemies are already inside the Ramparts of Civilization--and yet we're still being told there's no Islam to see here.

(Steyn, followed up yesterday with his Jihad On A Tray article).

It's obvious to us like-minded folks as to what's going on.  

It's the bureaucrats, politicians, the media, and about 50% of the voting public that's clueless.

(Image by Ken Catalino)

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