Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gutfeld: The Benefits of a Celebrity-Free Inauguration

We're down to the last three days of Barry O's abominable administration, and the leftist meltdowns haven't slowed down.

In addition to Hollyweird celebrities dropping out of the Inauguration festivities, here's a growing list of Democrats ducking out of it.

All the more reason to see they never have their hooves on the levers of power ever again.

If any A to D-Listers are to be found near DC, they'll probably be with Michael Moore and his Malcontents.

While Michael is a flaming leftist, at least he was smart enough to predict Trump would win the election.  Meanwhile, average Americans got the last laugh on Meryl Streep's slam against football and mixed marshal arts (MMA):  Last weekend's Packers-Cowboys game blew away the Golden Globe ratings.

Living in Seahawks' country makes me no Packers, or Cowboys fan, but I'm happy to hear their playoff showdown sacked the Golden Globes.

And speaking of getting sacked, what about all the celebs who promised threatened to leave if Trump was elected?

Well, unfortunately they're still among us Americans.

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

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