Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trepidation Over "Trumpler's" Immigration Order

(Image by Bob Gorrell)
The hue & cry over Tyrant Trump's "immigration ban" continued past the weekend.

Steven Collinson of CNN claimed the EO (executive order) fundamentally changes American history.

If so, then it's an aftershock of Barry O's "Hope and Change."

First, it's not a Muslim ban.

And second, yes, the executive order on immigration is legal.

Here in the People's Democratic Republic of Washington State, our attorney general (AG) filed a lawsuit against Trump's immigration EO

Apparently, our AG didn't get the memo of Barry O's similar EO back in 2015.

William Jacobson wrote a detailed analysis on how most claims about Trump's visa EO are false or misleading.  

So maybe our AG is examining alternate facts, or reading fake news.

(Image by Robert Ariail)
Either way, I remember seeing this in-reverse during the Dubya--Barry O regime change in 09.  That is, any of the hated policies Bush instituted, suddenly became okay when Obama continued them after Inauguration Day 09.

Here's my reply to a friend's post on Facebook:

What a Republican president does is evil, will trigger WWIII, and will cause an Extinction Level Event. But when a Democrat does something similar, if not the same thing, it's enlightened policy that will bring peace and prosperity to the world.

But to leftists, as Comrade Karla said, the sky is falling.  They seem to have forgotten that their Dear Leader Obama signed a bunch of executive orders and all was well with their world.

Trump's now putting his "pen & phone" to use and suddenly it's Springtime for Hitler and Amerika.

Speaking of Der Fuhrer, Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, warns: 

Be careful what you wish for (especially if it's Hitler).

(Image from:  Newsbusters, Right is Reich article, 4 Oct '16)

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