Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Did Barry O Bug the Grand Nagus?

(Image by Glenn McCoy)
On Saturday, the Grand Nagus accused Barry O of tapping his phones during the election.

The next day, White Houses demanded an investigation into this allegation.

Shortly afterwards, the claim was expanded to include wire tapping against Jeff Sessions.

So:  Is there any truth to Trump's accusation against Obama?

A former AG explained Trump may be right, but not necessarily correct.

And if you think that sounds like doublespeak, like previous scandals, "Obamagate," or "Towergate," as one on-line friend prefers to call it, contains at least two "dodge words."

Roger Simon summarizes #Obamagate is a lot more than a hashtag.

While William Jacobson notices some curious language in both Trump's "wiretap" accusation and Obama's defense.

What I do find curious is how hard leftists are willing to push the Russian Collaboration narrative...

(Image by Glenn McCoy)
...and yet how quickly they're dismissing Trump's claims.

The Russian hacking/collaboration seems to be losing ground.  At least one AP reporter affirmed there's pretty much nothing wrong with the meetings Trump officials had with the Russians, while one Democratic Senator walked back his "conclusive proof" of Russian collaboration claim.

Maybe Team Trump is generating a smokescreen/narrative to mitigate the Russian Collaboration/Hacked Election narrative.

Unless we have concrete proof--of either story--we may be hearing a cacophony of competing narratives for the next four years.

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

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