Monday, March 27, 2017

Republicans Rolled-Back From Obamacare

(Image by Steve Kelley)
This past Friday, the GOP scrapped their attempt to fix Obamacare.

Over the weekend, the Grand Nagus unleashed a Tweet-strom promising to "...totally fix healthcare."

Accusations flew all around.

Trump blamed the Democrats and predicts Obamacare will explode.

On FOX News, Stuart Varney called the GOP a disgrace (not to worry, he's disgusted with the Democrats), while Derek Hunter called them cowards of their own convictions.

(Note:  Varney's gone head-to-head against other conservatives over repealing Obamacare--even Mark Steyn).

But getting back to disgusting Democrats:  Chuck Schumer said he'd work with Republicans--once they take repeal off the table.

Hal Scherz offered this post game analysis of the GOP Healthcare Fumble, and Kurt Schlichter reminded us this was just one lost battle in a protracted war-- with lots of American Civil War analogies (while heaping scorn upon Ryan).

The Diplomad put it another way:  Making Democrats happy is bad for America.


Obamacare was bad for America to begin with.  It should never have been passed to begin with.  However, this is now wishful thinking.

Obamacare is like a giant Facehugger on the America.  The problem is:  How to truly kill it without killing the patient.

(Image by Gary Varvel)
Unlike the professional pundits, I'm not going to pretend I have the answer to fixing/replacing/abolishing Obamacare.  I've been lucky so far, and have "kept my doctor" throughout the eight year Era of Hope and Change.

I certainly want to see Obamacare abolished, but not with the same level as upheaval as its implementation caused.  I'll be happy with not having to justify my healthcare coverage to the IRS, and threatened with ever-growing fines.  Just a small victory in this protracted Healthcare War.

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