Monday, March 20, 2017

Video--SteynPost #10: Steyn on Identity Politics

Less than a few months into a four-year contract, CRTV fired Mark Steyn and lawsuits followed.  Matthew Sheffield called it a bizarre case pitting a popular pundit against an Obama-hating billionaire.

Okay, enough of the backstory.

I'm glad to see Mark Steyn posting his videos on YouTube, while he tries to resolve his third legal battle.

Since this one came out nearly a fortnight ago, I came across some posts related to Identity Politics in the aftermath of International Women's Day.

You can take your pick among following:

Women's Day Lunacy

More Prizes for Good Girls

Mean Girls vs. Western Civilization vs. Savages

Did you know you can be healed from your "Toxic Whiteness?"

Talk about the cure being worse than the disease, a non-existent one among us normal Caucasians.

It's Marxists in Social Justice Whiner (SJW) clothing that like playing with the Identity Politics Fire.

They forget, or more likely ignore, there's a valid reason for fearing the stranger.

Unfortunately, SJWs don't merely gather in the street and disrupt traffic.

Many of them get jobs and become the bugs wearing Edgar Suits, destroying institutions from the inside.  Not only do Marxists hollow-out institutions, but love to have individuals think of themselves as victims, so--

--a). They can feel better about themselves for helping "victims," and
--b). They can control said victims.

While it may be easy not to feel like a victim, it's getting harder to find an agency that's not teeming with Marxist bugs.

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