Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kellyanne Conway's Couchgate!

While I've been off-line or on-duty, leftists have been triggered over more non-issues than I can keep up with.

So I thought I'd start off the first full week of March with something light:  "Couchgate."

The video, via AMCTV, is from our local station, Q-13 FOX.

Besides the new show, I'm blogging about this because of a couple memes I stumbled across, like this one...
(Image found on Overpasses for America
...but here's my favorite:

(Image found on Nancy French's Facebook page)
May you have a feet-on-the-couch relaxing week.


  1. I swear, it's stuff like this that triggered Trump to go nuclear against the Dems by claiming they wiretapped him. He's sending them a message to cool it with these idiotic "scandals," or he'll open up a real one on them. Pass the popcorn...

    1. I like caramel corn myself. :)
      Thank you for commenting!