Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Quantum of Hacking

(Image by Chip Bok)
The past couple days have been busy ones on Capital Hill.

Neil Gorsuch sat in the hot seat of his confirmation hearings to the Supreme Court.  I haven't been following this story at all, so Erika Haas has a Top 10 Gorsuch Facts List for you to glance at.

And then there was the House Intelligence Committee hearing on the the competing claims of: Russians hacking the 2016 Presidential Election vs. Barry O wiretapping Grand Nagus Trumpler.

Guy Benson provides four key take-aways from the hearings on Russia and wiretapping.

I like Mark Steyn's observation on the Democrats sudden hysteria about Russia:  They've turned Putin into a Bond Villain.

Apparently, Dems aren't the only one who thinks so...

(Image found on:  The English Blog)

Anyway, as to the wiretapping:  After the past eight years, I wouldn't put it past Barry O to do some Watergating on the Grand Nagus.

We're being told nothing of the sort happened, and I guess I'll acquiesce to this until evidence points to the contrary.  (Besides, Trump won the election so if there was some sort of sanctioned surveillance going on, it  didn't help Hillary).

However, The Diplomad wondered:  If the Dems had intel on Trump's connection with Russia, how did they get it?

Fortunately, The Diplomad isn't working for FOX News, otherwise, he'd be benched along with Judge Napolitano.

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