Tuesday, July 14, 2015

GOP Contenders Getting Trumped by Trump

(Image by Gary Varvel)
Yesterday, Scott Walker announced his 2016 White House bid.  This brings the number of GOP presidential wannabees to 15.
But this didn't cause--and is still causing--quite the stir that Donald Trump did--and is still doing--when he tossed his hat into the ring nearly a month ago. 
(Image by Gary Varvel)

Trump has become lightning rod for the gaggle of GOP contenders--but is also electrifying a considerable chunk of the conservative base.
Known for his bombastic behavior, reality TV show, high-profile divorces and trophy wives, Trump took on the issue the other contenders have shied away from:  
Illegal immigration.

Doug Giles explains Trump's appeal to the not-so subterranean conservative voters.

(Image by Chip Bok)
Trump could get trounced in the upcoming primaries.  Many in the GOP establishment, conservative commentators and political cartoonists hope he does.

However, their victory dance may be short-lived.  

Derek Hunter explains why Republicans lose, while VDH thinks the world is becoming fed up, and Mark Steyn reminds us that Trump isn't "...the reality freak-show here."

If Trump is taken out of the running, John Hawkins says there's Five Big Things the other candidates can learn from Donald Trump.

(Image by Steve Kelley)

Now I don't mean to imply that "Station WTFO Endorses The Donald" at this time. 

I have the same issues with Trump that nearly every commentator I've linked to does.  (Debra Saunders considers him the GOP's Dark Lord Voldemort). 

But I do like how he's grabbing the GOP elephant by the tusks over non-existent southern border. 

And speaking of grabbing, here's a clip of Homer Simpson's latest misadventure:

Trumptastic Voyage

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