Monday, July 13, 2015

Sheeple in Inaction

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Prior to the Independence Day Weekend, the murder of a 32-year old woman re-ignited the debate over illegal immigrant detention.

Not only are calls to secure the border grown louder so has the cry to block Federal funding for Sanctuary Cities.  (Currently, there are more than 200 places for illegal aliens to choose from).

While during the holiday weekend, 10 people were killed and 55 wounded due to gun violence in Chicago.

This, in a city with known for strict gun control laws.

These tragic tales won't stray too far from national media outlets, and political campaigns, and I'm sure I'll be writing more about these, or similar issues, in the foreseeable future.

However, an e-mail sent to my friends and I about the murder of a DC commuter on the 4th of July, that's caught my attention.

It wasn't just the murder, which took place on a DC Metro train, but the response--or more correctly--the lack of response--by the numerous witnesses:

Behold the Beta Males Who Feel Good About Watching a Man Die

Several of my friends added their own confrontation experiences, or dreadful impressions, while riding the DC Metro.

I'm appalled that so many people would stand by and watch one of their own stabbed to death. 

On the other hand, I'm not terribly surprised by this. After all, by standers watched two jihadis cut down Drummer Lee Rigby in London in broad daylight. 

This doesn't bode well for western civilization, and I consider the UK to be inside the ramparts--for now.

I'd like to think that if I were ever in such a situation that I would take action against such thugs and terrorists.

But I can't say for certain if I actually could, or would attempt to intervene.

What I can say for certain is that I'd feel shitty for the rest of my life if I did nothing.

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