Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Barry O Coulda Been a Contender in 2016

(Image from:  Hot Air)
Lame Duck Barry O just won't stop talking about himself.

The other day, our soon to be Ex-Dear Leader said he was confident he could have won a third term.

President-elect T. Don ("The Donald") replied:  NO WAY! 

I'd like to agree with "Tango Delta," but I'm not so sure.  Like Our Un-coronated Corrupt Queen, Barry O had the non-FOX News media, Hollywierd, metropolitan areas, and universities on his side.  He could have sputtered across the Electoral Finish Line on momentum alone, plus he was more "likable" than Hillary.

Or maybe T. Don could indeed beat Barry O in such a Celebrity Deathmatch

Either way, what I do think is that the results of such a fictitious contest would have been closer than the blow-out the real Presidential Election of 2016 turned out to be.

But speculation aside, this is why we have presidential term limits...

(Image found on Zero Hedge) if we can only get Congressional term limits established--yes, even for the Republicans.

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