Friday, December 16, 2016

The Unremitting Narrative of Russian Hacking

The hoopla over election hackers continues.  As of two days ago, the FBI still didn't think the Russians influenced the election.  That however, didn't stop Barry O's mouthpiece from claiming there is "ample evidence" of Trump knowing about Russian hacking attempts.

Members of the House Intelligence Committee wanted to be briefed on this matter, but the CIA refused to send a briefer to Capital Hill.

If there's such "ample evidence," then why didn't the CIA send a briefer to brief the Intelligence Committe?

Despite the conflicting information, a recent FOX-News poll results show most Americans aren't buying the narrative that Russian hacking changed the election's outcome.

I'm not buying this either.

It's not because I'm placing my faith in a post-2016 Election poll, laced with a debatable amount of bias, and may be of dubious value.  The like-minded folks I've talked to personally all feel the same way.

Yes, Trump was boorish during the campaign, he probably still is when he's off-camera.  But Hillary was a horrible candidate and no amount of Russian hacking would have torpedoed Clinton's campaign.

Hillary's election loss was a self-inflicted--and fatal--wound.

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