Sunday, December 4, 2016

Breitbart's Kerfluffle with Kellogg's

(Image from:  The People's Cube)

Five days ago, Kellogg's announced it was pulling their ads from Breitbart, because the conservative website was incompatible with the company's values.

After some initial swipes at a couple of Castro fans, Mark Steyn points out why Kellogg's decisions isn't such a gr-r-r-r-reat idea in the long run

A day later, our Canadian-born commentator pointed out that Kellogg's original values weren't so gr-r-r-r-reat either

Conservative consumers are fighting back:  Kellogg's Facebook pages erupted with "#DumpKellogg's" messages.

Personally, I don't eat cereal on a regular basis, and we still have several boxes of Kellogg's products in our pantry.  I'm not going to throw out what we already have, and won't openly call upon you readers to boycott the company.

But the next time I do buy cereal, I'll certainly look for similar products concocted by companies who don't pander to Social Justice Whiners (SJWs).

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