Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chucking Confederate Monuments Down the Memory Hole

(Image by Robert Ariail)
Mark Steyn often says that unless the culture changes, elections won't really matter.

One glaring example of this:  Donald Trump's 2016 Election victory hasn't stopped New Orleans' purge of confederate monuments.

And the Big Easy isn't the only local chucking it's history down the Memory Hole.

Even when items deemed offensive by today's snowflakes are tucked away in a museum, they're not safe from the wrath of the Social Justice Whiners (SJWs).  Just ask the folks at the Nash Farm Battlefield Museum.

The bulldozing of monuments is a war against American History.

Matt Walsh warns:  Now that Confederate monuments have been torn down, SJWs will go for the Founding Fathers next.

(Image by A.F. Branco)
Regardless, media loves the Big Easy's mayor who's still fighting the Civil War

But why settle for fueling national, or presidential ambitions like Hizzoner Landrieu appears to be doing?

If SJWs and their media cheerleaders are so Hell-bent on eradicating the "monuments to slavery," there's plenty of work for them to do worldwide...

(Image from:  The Federalist Papers)

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