Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Canned Comey Conundrum

(Image by Steve Breen.  Although the golf metaphor would seem more appropriate with Obama)

The airwaves, cyberspace and even social media are still aflame over Comey getting canned by Our Grand Nagus.

So there's plenty of news stations and sites to follow the on-going melodrama.

I'll just--ahem--take it from the top commentators I enjoy reading.

First, The Diplomad deduces in his Comey Goes article that the "questionable timing" leftists are lamenting about is irrelevant.  No matter when Trump decided to give Comey the pink-slip would be cause for outrage.

Next, Mark Steyn doesn't mince words in his Posse Comey Tantrum article about the now-former director's missteps.  But now that he's suddenly a darling of the Democrats, not following the rule-of-law is irrelevant compared to their newfound concern for Comey.

And speaking of the Donkey Drove:  A lot of them called for Comey's resignation.

In case you're wondering, here's a Top 10 List of Times Democrats Called For Comey to be Fired.

I guess leftists are mad that Comey was fired by President Trump, instead of President Obama--or President Hillary Clinton.

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