Friday, May 19, 2017

Robert Spencer's Drink Spiked

(Image found on Robert Spencer's Facebook page)

A couple days ago, word got out that Robert Spencer, creator of Jihad Watch, and author of several anti-jihadist books, was poisoned after giving a speech in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Here's what happened in his own words.

Mark Steyn continually points out that leftists and jihadists are " the 'shut up' business..."  and merely two points on the same continuum.  Now these points have moved closer together.

And not a peep of this from the non-FOX News media.

Ever since I started blogging about current events, I've provided a link to Jihad Watch.  I own three of Robert's books, and I plan on buying more.  All of which I hope to get autographed some day.

I wish Robert a quick and complete recovery, along with congratulating him on keeping up the good work.

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