Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Massacre in Manchester

(Image of some of the casualties from The Sun)

Yesterday was a warm sunny day here in western Washington State.  So I took advantage of the dry weather and a day off to get our house ready for summer--cleaning the grill and the lawn furniture.

Across the pond, Salman Abedi the Asshole had other summer plans--self-detonating at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK.

There's plenty of information on the who, what & when of the attack on most news sites. (Although, this morning I noticed CNN spent more time discussing Our Grand Nagus' supposed Russian Connection).  Even The Seattle Times ran the story.

Britain raised Terror Threat Level to "critical."

In addition to predictably raising the threat level, this latest terrorist attack is--yet again--following the same tiresome trajectory.

We're being told we should get use to scenes like this:

(Image from:  The Guardian chiding us not to "lash out")
Or that something other than Islamic jihad is to blame--like sexism.

Meanwhile, leftists are attempting to ward off Islamic evil with their Candlelight Magic--again.

I'm with Todd Starnes on this:  I'm sick of news anchors telling us not to rush to judgement on terror attacks.

Of course, Abedi the Asshole was yet another "known wolf."

This is just one factor in what The Diplomad calls The No Surprise List.

And finally, for this initial post anyway, Mark Steyn continues with the social condemnation of the weak-willed West in his latest article:  "Dangerous Woman" Meets Dangerous Man.

Unless our limp leaders, and the snowflake sheeple truly stand up against the jihadi threat, we'll continue to endure scenes like this...

(Image from:  The Sun's article on doctors trying to save the lives of victims--including children)

...along with the predictable post-attack procedure...

(Image from:  Starecat.com, which I originally saw on The Declination)

...whether we're "use to it" or not.

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