Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Tale of Two Pity Parties

(Image by:  A.F. Branco)

This week, we've seen two women whining about their fall from grace.

Or more precisely--their graceless fall.

First, there was the Woman Who Would Be Queen, Hillary Clinton, whining about the NYT's coverage of her "nothing burger" e-mail scandal and how her own DNC screwed her over.

The good news is, Democrats are starting to break ranks and say GET OVER IT.  Even left-of-Left Al Franken said "...we do have to move on."

Of course, it's because they want to win upcoming elections, and Hillary's blame-gaming is becoming a millstone around the DNC's collective neck.

But hey.  Sometimes self-interest can be a good thing.

Even hosts on non-FOX News stations are mocking her.

And then there's Kathy Guillotine Griffin.

Apparently, Griffin didn't want to be upstaged by Hillary, so she hosted a pity party press conference of her own.

Griffin's griping that Our Grand Nagus--and his family of Lesser Naguses--are trying to ruin her life forever.

Nah.  She managed that all on her own and deserves her comeuppance.

Even Lefty-Left Al realized political discretion was the better part of social justice valor and suggested it would be best if Griffin didn't participate in his upcoming book event.

Griffin's career is certainly ballooning-up--just not in the way she intended.
(Image by Henry Payne)
Since both women seem to be suffering from Humble Pie Intolerance, we'll probably continue to weeping and wailing from the Whining Duet for some time.

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