Monday, June 5, 2017

Trump Eclipses Paris Climate Accord

(Image by Glenn McCoy)
Last week while I was writing about terrorism and celebrity pity parties, Our Grand Nagus withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement.

I agree with Eric Erickson's assessment, that pulling out of the agreement was the right decision.  That is:  It's not a Senate-ratified treaty, it would adversely affect the American economy, and really not do anything to combat climate change, as Bjorn Lomborg explained in this Prager U video.
Greg Gutfeld called it the world's worst lotto ticket.

Then there's wealthy leftist hypocrisy.  They're demanding us serfs cut back on our lifestyles, while retain their mansions, private jets and SUVs.

Of course, leftists have lost their collective minds over this; along with every other "crimes against humanity" Our Climate Change Denier-in-Chief has committed since the election.

Hell, even before the election.

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