Monday, June 12, 2017

Comey Chameleon's Congressional Confession

(Image by Lisa Benson)
I've made no pretense about being unbiased, or to borrow FOX News' byline: Fair and Balanced.

So when it comes to Our Grand Nagus' supposed Manchurian Candidacy, my bar is set very low for three reasons:

1. Trump's "Russian Connections" doesn't equal the scope of Obama's "Parade of Phony Scandals."
2. Ditto for two-time-loser-presidential candidate Hillary.
3. Which, in turn, makes me glad we're not living under a Hillary Presidency.

Comrade Karla responded to an on-line friend concerned with the erosion of trust the "Russian Investigation" is causing with a trifecta observation of his own:

Some of this is new territory because for the first time there's constant exposure to what is going on "in the White House."  In the past there has always been a filter.   It's different because we have (1) Trump's constant tweeting, (2) leakers inside the bureaucracy, if not the WH and (3) a deranged media establishment.  It's a perfect storm. 

Because the storm winds are still being whipped-up by the deranged media, every news agency was glued to Comey Chameleon's (Karma Chameleon) testimony before Congress.

Since I'm playing catch-up with last week's news, here's some "Cliff Notes" from some of my favorite commentators:

John Hawkings provides seven take-aways from Comey's hearing.

The Diplomad called the hearing a serving of Nothingburger with fries.  (Or maybe fishbones and chips as the led photo suggests).

Mark Steyn only wanted to make a couple points on the Comeytose State, but got on a roll and ended up making six.

Kurt Schlichter called the political theater From Russia With Stupidity.

Even before the curtain rose on last week's performance, my mind was already set before Derek Hunter made his assessment:  Comey deserved to be fired.

Despite the former g-man's poor performance, there's still news headlines of the "Russian Investigation" still chugging along.

(Image by Gary Varvel)
Meanwhile, as the deranged media and deranged Democrats continue chasing their collective tails, one deep state leaker, Reality Winner, was caught and denied bail.

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