Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jihadists Attack Pedestrians on London Bridge

(Image from:  NPR's report of the terrorist attack on London Bridge)

On the evening before Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester Concert, three jihadists who weren't interested in reading the One Love Memo, mowed down and killed seven people on London Bridge. Forty-eight people were injured in the attack.

London police launched raids shortly afterwards and arrested a dozen suspects.

Meanwhile, back on this side of the pond Our Grand Nagus criticized political correctness and made the case for his travel ban.

This of course put some leftists in a tail spin.  At least two celebrities posted unhelpful tweets--along being careful not to use the phrase "Islamic jihad."

I'm with The Diplomad on this:  I'm sick of terrorist attacks' tiresome trajectory.

Mark Steyn noted that a lot more than London Bridge is falling down.

Instead of being told to "get use" to the frequent carnage...

(Image from:  Orc Memes)

...western leaders should at least employ one simple solution:  Stop importing terrorism.

Mark's Commonwealth bud, Nigel Farage demanded:  We don't want words on terror, we want action.

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