Sunday, June 11, 2017

Seattle's Sharia-Collaborating Sheeple

While I'm still catching-up on Comey's Congressional performance, I thought I'd write a quick piece on some local news that caught my eye.

 Yesterday, Seattle was the scene of competing protests.

The Seattle Times crowed about how the "Seattle Stands With Our Muslims Neighbors" outnumbered the "March Against Sharia."

Well good for them.

The article pointed out that Sharia is not the law of the land here in the US.


But Sharia isn't the official law in any of the nations in western Europe either.

And look at the havoc our jihadist enemies have wrought across the pond.

Last week, on the Anniversary of D-Day, Pat Buchanan asked if we're in a Forever War?

Until we as a society can confidently identify our enemies then the short answer will be "yes."

To help recognize the jihadists and their wannabees among us, Andrew McCarthy pointed out that the problem in London [and elsewhere, I'd add] is not "Islamic Extremism."

That is, a disturbing--and far greater number--of Muslims would favor the implementation of Sharia Law without going on a one-way jihadi killing spree.

What always astounds me is how leftists consider those of us who want to bar the gates from the Islamist barbarians to be the enemy of civilization.

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