Friday, June 16, 2017

America's Political/Social Divide

(Image by Steve Kelley)
A couple days ago, gunman James Hodgkinson, opened fire on the GOP's baseball practice.  House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, along with three others were wounded in the attack.

In the wake of the shooting, there's a plethora of op-eds advocating gun control (from the left of course), along with denouncing "violent rhetoric" (oddly from the right, but primarily used to rub leftists' collective noses in their hypocrisy, along with anti-Trump hysteria).

Leftists often do accuse conservatives of being inherently violent, because of small number of fringe losers.  However, it appears leftists themselves are the ones who are seduced en-masse by violence (SteynPost #17 video).

Under such a hostile political-social divide that seems to widen after any and every attack, VDH asks:  Can a divided America survive?

Abraham Lincoln didn't think so.

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