Monday, June 19, 2017

Resetting Bad to Good, Back to Bad Again

(Image by Glenn McCoy)
Remember back in Dubya's Days in the White House how leftists ranted over the Texan Cowboys' many bad policies and decisions.  (Oh there were some to be sure).

Then in 08 Our Dear Leader Obama was elected, and almost overnight leftists were okay with whatever policies of Dubya's Barry O decided to maintain.

Now Our Grand Nagus is dictating hateful programs from Trump Tower the White House.  Take the "Muslim Ban," for instance:  Barry O sanctioned the same nations Trump has, but no one in the Supreme Court banged their gavel over it.

Leftist politicians and media types continue banging their own gavel's over Trump's "Russian Connection."

However, they overlook when the Russian ambassador visited Obama at the White House 22 times.

Switching from good to bad opinions about the same policies by different presidents requires a lot of mental flexibility...
(Image found on:  The Rightly Guided)

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