Monday, July 24, 2017

Disintegrating Western Civilization Through Diversity

(Image by Ken Catalino)
A week ago, Justine Damond, an Australian national, was shot by officer Mohammed Noor of the Minneapolis PD.  A couple days later, it was reported Justine called 911 to report a possible sexual assault, while the Noor and his partner claim they were startled by a loud noise. An investigation has been underway, but there's still more questions than answers to a shooting that should not have happened.

Here's what didn't happen last week:  Instantaneous national coverage and outrage by national news agencies and activist groups.

I first saw this story pop up on a couple of conservative websites I don't usually frequent.  Then it appeared on FOX News, followed by all the rest.

National activist groups didn't mobilize, which is probably a good thing.  Rachel Alexander called-out Black Lives Matter for their obsession with supposed racism.  However, local protesters interrupted the Minneapolis mayors' news conference.

Although, since the shooting other tidbits of disparate information has come to light.  Like this is the second time Officer Noor has run afoul of the citizenry, while Herhonor Hodges of Minneapolis has been drinking the multi-cultural flavored cool-aid telling everyone to "embrace the discomfort of transformation."

Mark Steyn masterfully connects the dots of such disparate details such as "migratory birds" in Europe with police-involved shootings in America, and comes up with a common denominator in his Diversity and Disintegration article.

And that common denominator is, as Paul Joseph Watson pointed out in his video Some Cultures Are Better Than Others everyone on the planet wants to move to the west, but they "...want to bring the worst aspects of their own culture with them..."

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