Friday, July 21, 2017

SteynPost #18 Video: The Biggest Issue of Our Time

The news networks and politicians are still blathering about the GOP's inability to repeal & replace Obamacare, or Our Grand Nagus' collusion with the Barechested Czar.

Or both.

Meanwhile, just about everyone is ignoring what Mark Steyn calls the Biggest Issue of Our Time.  That is, the declining population throughout Western Civilization, especially in Europe.

This actually isn't new news.  Comrade Karla introduced me to Mark Steyn's work, along with a slew of other conservative commentators, in and around the time of the September 11th Attack.

Right from the get-go, Mark's been the proverbial voice in the wilderness about the changing demographics of Europe and America.  Or as he likes to call himself--a Demographic Bore.

Boring or otherwise, Mark has been asking non-politically correct questions about these changes for well over a decade.   Primarily:  Will a culture remain the same once the immigrant population from foreign cultures outnumber the long-time locals.

It's now being referred to as The Great Replacement, as Lauren Southern discusses in this video.

As both Lauren and Mark have stressed, none of us like-minded folks have any qualms about newcomers legally becoming residents and full-fledged citizens.

It's when these newcomers want to drag their bad old ideas along with them that's the problem.

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