Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Food Fight

A foodfight royale broke out on the internet between us "Hatemongers" and those "Kool-Aid Drinkers" over the announcement that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Even his supporters were stunned at the news.

However, not everyone's happy with the award being bestowed upon our Dear Leader:

Notice the above link is not from a hatemongering site, but from Time (via Yahoo News). Last time I checked, Time wasn't considered to be in the hatemongering camp.

As mentioned at length in the above link, the legitimate question is simply: What has Obama accomplished to further the cause of peace in this troubled world?

My personal online observation was that Obama opponents listed numerous reasons why he shouldn't have received this award, while I have yet to see his supporters cite a single reason why he should. Instead they simply counter-attack us skeptics by calling us "naysayers," "mean" (Michelle Obama's favorite term), "fearmongers," "hatemongers," etc.

Maybe a little humor is needed to diffuse any confrontations between Obama supporters and detractors. Here's Saturday Night Live's impression of Obama's accomplishments during these first nine months of his presidency:

The "not ready for prime-time players" have a point.

This is more than just about liking or disliking the current US president. As with the UN ("Useless Nobodies" we often call that organization) and other corrupt international organizations, I haven't had any respect for the Nobel Committee since they awarded the Peace Prize to Yasir Arafat.

Comrade Karla posted several comments throughout the day:

Just goes to show what a joke that award has become, at least in the field of "peace," whatever that is.

Don't forget, they gave one to Le Duc Tho, Desmond Tutu, Rigoberta Menchu (who made up all that stuff about being an oppressed "other"), and Al Gore (never figured that one out).

I guess "extraordinary efforts to strengthen" count a lot more than actually accomplishing anything these days.

I think it stopped meaning much when they gave one to Arafat and then later to Jimmah in 2002 for the express purpose of poking Bush in the eye.

Given the nominations were due when Obama was only 2 weeks into the presidency, it's clear the fix was in.

Another friend had this to say:

I've said for years that the peace prize shouldn't be given out on an annual basis, because a typical year doesn't see someone like Mother Teresa or MLK Jr. It should be given out when someone comes along who actually deserves it.I could be wrong, but I think this Nobel will not help Obama, and may actually hurt him and the award itself. It's clear to everyone except his most partisan supporters that he hasn't accomplished anything yet. So he won the award for giving speeches, and for winning the election, since...the nomination deadline was in the early days of his presidency. A lot has changed since then and the shine has definitely worn off of him. This is an Emperor-Has-No-Clothes moment.

Finally, there's this point to ponder:

"...the nomination deadline was Feb 1 2009....if you believe he hasn't accomplished much after a year in office...try to remember anything he accomplished in his first 30 days in office."

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