Saturday, April 28, 2018

FOX News Video: Korean Leaders Announce Shared Goal of Denuclearization

Sometimes, a "WTF!?" can be a good thing.

History was made a couple days ago:  For the first time, leaders from North & South Korea met in order to begin discussions about the denuclearization of the peninsula .

For those of us who've been stationed in The Land of the Morning Calm--this is huge news. (I was there throughout 1998).

Of course, the leftist media and minions of Barry O thought Our Grand Nagus would trigger World War II.  Instead, they're dining on crow.

What's even more galling to the Deep Staters and their media allies is the South Korean Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung-wha, credited Trump for making this event possible.

Most of us like minded folks, are cautiously optimistic, even Geraldo Rivera felt this development has a "vibe of history."

 Senator Graham felt Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mmm.  Maybe.

While it's certainly an another accomplishment for Trump--and a more concrete step towards peace than anything that occurred during the Era of Hope & Change.

The Diplomad called this occassion Trump's Seoul Train.

Despite all this cautious euphoria, us like-minded folks don't believe Rocketman is acting out of goodwill for a second.

One of the big questions:  Why did North Korea announce the closure of its nuclear test site?

Spoiler Alert:  Because the underground site collapsed.

Our Grand Nagus is to meet with Rocketman sometime next month or in June.

This will be another first.

Stay tuned...

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Cohen, Client & Comey Conundrums

(Image by Gary Varvel)

A couple weeks ago, the Feds raided the offices of Our Grand Nagus' personal lawyer, Michael Cohen

Leftists rejoiced over getting one step closer to ousting Trump the Usurper, while conservative commentators claimed this was a breach of attorney-client privilege.


I'm leaning towards "a breach" because Mueller's investigation was suppose to uncover collusion between Our Grand Nagus and the Barechested Czar.  Instead, we're apparently seeing what Mark Steyn often warned about weaponized government agencies:  They will keep digging into someone's life until they find something their guilty of.

A couple days ago, Judge Napolitano discussed the issues of President Trump and the attorney-client privilege.

While Judge Nap has tried to play an even-hand, this still looks like a slippery legal slope to us laymen.

Especially since this uncovered another Enemy of the Deep State--Sean Hannity.

Derek Hunter was disgusted by the "pearl-clutching journalists and declared:  Journalism is dead (Part 3,295, 041)

But getting back to Comey & Co, The Diplomad called Comey a mess.

And it's not just leftists that want to bring down Our Grand Nagus.  There's the Never Trumpers.

To which Kurt Schlichter called-out their whining about principles to be just an act.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Collusion of Comey & CO.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

While ex-G-man James Comey is conducting his book tour, VDH ties up some loose ends on who's been colluding with whom.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn calls-out who the real obstructors of justice are.

At least our version of the "gang of four" have been officially referred for criminal investigation.

In a just world, we'll see all the deep staters convicted, or at least driven from public office.

In the meantime, though, not every interview in Comey's book tour goes his way.  Meghan McCain called him out as a political commentator.

Some folks have even lower opinions of him...

(Image by Mike Lester)

Friday, April 13, 2018

Laura Ingraham Video: Bullies On The Left Aim To Silence Conservatives

Laura Ingraham returned as hostess to her show, The Ingraham Angle on Monday evening. 

While she didn't make any direct references to David Hogg, her opening monologue was an appropriate one about the leftist crybullies and their attempts to silence conservatives.

One of the voices--two, in fact--subjected to "the silent treatment" were the feisty ladies known as Diamond and Silk

Apparently, the Facebook commissars declared them unsafe to the community.  These two were fired up and kept the heat up on every show they appeared on.

Up until now, I'd merely watch them during their appearances on FOX News.  After watching their fiery performances, I subscribed to their YouTube channel and their Facebook page.  If I had a Twitter account, I'd sign up on that too.

While Diamond and Silk were raising Hell, Zuckerberg got grilled by Congress, including questions over the censorship of conservatives.

But it looks like Zuck may be trying to "tap out" of being tag-teamed, and acknowledged there as an "enforcement error" in targeting Diamond and Silk.

I'll say!

I would not want to get on the bad side of these two ladies.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

London: Dying by A Thousand Cuts?

(Image by Tome Stiglich)

We Second Amendment Advocates often cite murder rate statistics as proof that murders will use any weapon to kill their victims.

Well, at the risk of telling leftists "we told you so (again)," news came out a few days ago that in February London's murder rate edged-out NYC's.

There's a few noteworthy aspects to this revelation--

--Most, if not all, the killings were done by knife-wielding assailants.
--Yes, some groups are pondering the idea of "knife control."
--And finally, Mark Steyn reveals some "whitewashing" of the names of the victims for the sake of diversity.

If the gun-control and open borders advocates (often the same groups of people) get their way, we can expect to see a "Londonization" of our own metropolitan areas.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Media Hogg Wild

(Image from:  Stars & Stripes Forever PAC)

Last week, Laura Ingraham found herself in the epicenter of a media firestorm for snarking about David Hogg not getting accepted to some of his college choices.  At this time 11 companies dropped out of advertising on her FOX News show.

Ben Shapiro pointed out that he can't have it both ways:  Hurl insults, and then whine that you’re “just a kid” once mud is slung your way.

Although I do disagree with Ben, and feel Laura shouldn’t have apologized.

Especially since Bully Boss Hogg rejected her apology.

Derek Hunter points out the Democrats have used human shields to advance all their agendas.

Hogg’s conservative classmate, Kyle Kashuv, responded differently, while FOX News is Ddefending Ingraham against intimidation efforts —for now.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, when two table-top gaming friends posted the meme below several left-leaning gamers rushed to Hogg’s defense.

I posted the following:

What I find to be a double standard is this kid is allowed to hurl F-Bomb laced rants at adults who bear no responsibility to the mass murder committed at his school; and yet to criticize his actions or poke fun at him is somehow sacrileges.

(Image from:  Dysfunctional Veterans)
This of course, drew some fire from other left-leaning gamers.

So the virtual (un)Civil War continues...
defending Ingraham against intimidation efforts