Thursday, April 5, 2018

London: Dying by A Thousand Cuts?

(Image by Tome Stiglich)

We Second Amendment Advocates often cite murder rate statistics as proof that murders will use any weapon to kill their victims.

Well, at the risk of telling leftists "we told you so (again)," news came out a few days ago that in February London's murder rate edged-out NYC's.

There's a few noteworthy aspects to this revelation--

--Most, if not all, the killings were done by knife-wielding assailants.
--Yes, some groups are pondering the idea of "knife control."
--And finally, Mark Steyn reveals some "whitewashing" of the names of the victims for the sake of diversity.

If the gun-control and open borders advocates (often the same groups of people) get their way, we can expect to see a "Londonization" of our own metropolitan areas.

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