Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Underground Great Wall

(Image:  Chinese ICBMs on parade)

Apparently, the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) hasn't been all that forthcoming about their nuclear capability.  According to today's Washington Post article, a bunch of Georgetown U student's managed to uncover evidence of an extensive underground network China is using to shelter it's larger-than-previously-assumed nuke arsenal.  The Chinese even have a nickname for it:  The Underground Great Wall.

In addition to this disturbing news, a number of points irk me about this article.

First, is this quote:

But the strongest condemnation has come from nonproliferation experts who worry that the study could fuel arguments for maintaining nuclear weapons in an era when efforts are being made to reduce the world’s post-Cold War stockpiles.

I grew up during the Cold War and I've never been able to understand the nuclear disarmament activists.  On paper, their cause sounds like a noble endeavour.  However, it's always America--a free, democratic nation--that always draw the ire of No Nuke crowd, never the totalitarian regimes that posses them.  Or in the case of Iran, are hell-bent on possessing them.

Even now, these "experts" appear to be more worried about the US and it's allies deciding to maintain--or Heaven forbid!--increase their nuclear arsenal.

I guess they want to shrug it off as the PRC "not getting the memo."

Then there's this comment:

It’s not quite a bombshell, but those thoughts and estimates are being checked against what people think they know based on classified information...

Not quite a bombshell?  Really?  I guess it's not bombshell-worthy, because the media can't tie this to Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich.

The Collateral Damage of an Exit Strategy

While appalling, it's come as no surprise that there's been a spike in assassinations against anyone suspected of helping the US or coalition troops in Afghanistan. 

When you put military operations on a time clock, all the enemy has to do is wait us out--and exact revenge on our abandoned allies.

This story came to our attention via the NY Times. 

What also drove my friends and I nuts reading this, is how "The Fishwrap of Record" continues to call the savages we're fighting "militants," "insurgents," or some other white-washed term.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Global Warming Dogma

(Image from:  Carbon Confessions)

Brett Stephens wrote an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal comparing Global Warming to dogmatic religion. 

I found the above picture via Google, which led me to the Carbon Confessions blog.  Initially, I thought the site poked fun at "warmists." But after scrolling through it for 30 minutes, I realized it was serious about it's global warming beliefs--treating the topic in a humorous manner.

I get the impression the folks on the Carbon Confession YouTube Video, don't attend church (or synagoge, mosque, etc) services on a regular basis, if at all.  They've merely substituted one religion for another.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Mayhem

Several incidents of crime and violence across the nation, marked this year's Black Friday sale day.  Yahoo News takes a glimpse of the shopping feeding-frenzy.

Myself and just about everyone I know personally, stays away from the malls and department stores on Black Friday.  My time is more precious to me than my money and I'd rather not spend my Thanksgiving weekend in an emergency room.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Website

A friend of mine started a website a few months ago, called Bootstrap America.  I've provided a link to the Station under the Commentator tab. 

Last week she asked me to be a guest-blogger, so now I've been scrounging the internet for material to add to her site.

I don't have any OWS stories, I just hijacked the latest photo she posted on Facebook.

A Boy and His BB Gun

(Image from the movie:  A Christmas Story)

An 11 year-old boy became a hero to his mom and to everyone who read his story on KOMO News. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Inevitable Result of the Super Committee

No one should be surprised about the deadlock of the Super Committee, as this NY Post article explains.

Besides, if this Super Committee succeeded in coming to an agreement, what would they accomplish?

Not much.

Out of Favor With His Base?

MSNBC's Chris Matthews--he of the tingly leg--rants about Obama's lack of drive and direction in this video posted by Breitbart TV

Is this an indicator, Obama's loosing support of his base?

Probably not.

As one friend commented:

The comPost had an article today explaining how his base still loves him and remains very loyal no matter what... 

The "comPost" refers to the Washington Post, and this article in particular.

Well, the die-harder lumpenproletariat/limousine libs aren't going to turn on him. But Matthews is smart enough to know better--and it'll be interesting to see if he maintains his skepticism or if this is a momentary lapse, as they say.

Another friend made this observation:
If the base is going to really turn on him (as opposed to just being unhappy with him) there needs to be an alternative however impractical that alternative may be. At this time, no such alternative exits. In 1992, Pat Buchanan ran against GHW Bush and while he was never really a threat, he did make noise rally a segment of the base to his banner. You also had the whole Perot wild card as well.

Unless somebody emerges to make some noise and at least give voice to the Democrats who are not thrilled with Obama, he should sail to the nomination without any trouble and he'll enter the general election with his party more or less behind him.

So, the cult of personality will continue...

The Ultimate Bureaucratic Decree

The EU-rocrats issued another decree that made them the laughing stock of the international community--again.

Earlier, they tried to outlaw "bendy" bannanas and cucumbers.  Now Brussels wants claims that water can help prevent dehydration removed from the labels of bottled water.


Because, according to the enlightened despots, there's no scientific evidence in making such a claim. 

Here's the story of bureaucracy running amok this UK Telegraph article.

Biting the Hand that Feeds Them

Rex Murphy rolls-in on the OWS crowd in this National Post article.

I love his non-politically correct assessment of the OWS rank & file.

Meanwhile, one of John Stewart's reporters uncovers the social divide within the Peoples Democratic Republic of Zuccotti Park, for an episode of The Daily Show.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Penn State Scandal: The Tip of the Society-Sinking Iceburg

On 5 November 2011, Jerry Sandusky was charged and arrested for sexually assaulting boys over a 15 year period.  Within days, Penn State elders quickly found themselves in the midst of a firestorm, when it was discovered head coach Joe Paterno knew about it.  Three days later, Joe Paterno was fired. 

But the flames continue to rage, inexplicably, in support of Penn State's now-former head coach. On 10 November, the students rose up in revolt

A thumbnail sketch of this shameful and disgusting chain of events is available on Wikipedia.

So how is an image of the RMS Titanic tied to a long-running case of child sex abuse?

Leave it to Mark Steyn, to spot the symptoms of societal decline in the eye of this storm.  He connects the dots-of-doom in his latest article in the OC Register.

Friday, November 18, 2011

OWS Disrupts the Working 99%'s Commute

(Image: From the Seattle Times)

Yesterday evening, at the height of rush-hour, Seattle's OWS Franchise decided to occupy University Bridge.

I noticed, the reporter(s) didn't interview any irate commuters, who had their lives disrupted because of these moonbats.  While there are some supporting comments after the article, the majority I saw were negative.  This is something I've noticed in a lot of politically-charged stories in the Seattle Times, which could be an indicator on just how small the liberal minority truly is.

So not too many of us feel sorry for any of the protestors getting a dose of pepper spray, like the gal shown above at yesterday's Occupy Portland vs PPD skirmish.

Nigel Farage: EU's Nemesis

Nigel Farage, rips into the non-elected EU-rocrats in this YouTube video.

While in this episode, he warns Iceland to "save themselves."

After watching Mr. Farage lay into the EU's "supercommitte," someone came up with the great idea of making him a US citizen--so he could run for Congress.

Comrade Karla had this to say about Mr. Farage:

He rocks.  He's been the bane of the EU for some years now.  He's dead on...and as usual, the EU-weenies are impervious to logic. The stuff he's talking about was clear as early as the 80s where things were going.

And for the EU in general:

At its very heart, the EU has always been Soviet Union 2.0. In the 80s, all the unelected Eurocrats set this edifice in place--and publicity was almost nil. Nobody heard about it; nobody knew about it. Then, in the early 90s when they began to implement some of this stuff, some member states pushed back (the Danes rejected the open borders stuff in 94).

But like any good dictatorship, they just kept holding refernda until they got the result they wanted. The public in Europe (which in the broad scheme of history is a mixed bag on actual, functioning democracy) have been seemingly unable to do anything about it.

The ruling classes are for the most part very much conditioned to worship at the altar of the EU. Unfortunately for Europe (and by extention, the rest of the west), Farage is a minority. This might change. Hard to see how, at this point.

While another friend made this observation:

It's going to change (for better or worse) if the EU collapses or starts to dump members.

Which led me to the cartoon I used in this post.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today's OWS Laugh Break

Taking Out the Trash at OWS Sites

(Image:  From the movie Soylent Green)

Police--and sanitation crews--moved-in on several OWS (Occupy Wallstreet) sites across the country.  "Flea Partiers" are now squawking about having their First Amendment rights squashed.  However, on this side of reality, city officials throughout the nation, are concerned about the health hazard these "People's Democratic Republic enclaves," pose for the citizenry going about their daily lives.  Not to mention the burgeoning crime rate. 
Michelle Malkin posted several live shots of the "storming" of Zuccotti Park, two days ago.  Yahoo News, via AP, reported 70 arrests were made during the clean sweep. 

Meanwhile, here on the west coast, Seattle's mayor apologized to an 84 year-old activist.  She managed to get herself pepper sprayed, when police rolled-in on the Occupy Seattle site.  The Seattle Times has this sympathetic article

In Portland, OR, protestors decided blocking traffic would endear them to morning commuters.  Oregon Live has the story, along with a timeline update.

Most of the lamestream media thinks this is all-so grand.  Phillip Kennicott writes glowingly about this "vibrant brand of urbanism," in this WaPo article.

Comrade Karla called this article and video on Power Line, "a great antidote to the stupid WaPo article," and "how it didn't really activate the urban core."

One of comments that irk me, is when people compare OWS to the Tea Party. 

Yes, I admit I'm a Tea Party fan, so I have a biased opinion.  However, I feel my feelings are grounded within the realm of reality.  I can't recall a single Tea Party rally causing property damage, or disrupting the lives of ordinary folks going about their business.

That being said, SE Cupp, does point out some emotional commonalities between the two opposing grass-roots movements. 

Despite my feelings about the Tea Party, I haven't felt the need to "take to the streets."  Now if Janine Turner, is scheduled to make an appearance, you can count me there!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Miller Goes Spartan on OWS

(Image from:  300, the graphic novel by Frank Miller)

Frank Miller unloaded on the Occupy Wallstreeters over the weekend and the fallout has finally been detected by the Lamestream Media, to include: The Atlantic Wire, the The Washington Post, Forbes and Comic Book Resources. 

In case you want to skip the media blather, here's what Mr. Miller had to say on his website, titled Anarchy

While I own a copy of 300, I've never heard of Miller's politics--until now.  Although, now that I think of it, anyone who draws the Immortals as Uruk hai isn't likely to be your typical, hippy-dippy, multi-culti, graphic artist.

Just about everyone in the comic book industry has gone rabid against Miller's latest work:  Holy Terror.

Woo-hoo! It's less than $16 on! Gotta go folks and place my order!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Superficial Decisions from the Supercommittee

(Image: DC Comics' The Superfriends)

Mark Steyn rolls-in on the creative accounting, the so-called Supercommittee is concocting to lower the deficit.  You'll understand the Superfriends reference when you read Mark's Veterans Day column in the OC Register.

As you would expect, Congress's grandiose scheme will boil down to business-as-usual...
(Image:  Family Guy T-Shirt)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gaming the Next War?

(Image: From Clash of Arms Games)

Now the Bush the Younger is no longer president, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)has decided that Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons afterall.  While our current administration and the EU-nuchs dither, speculation is high that Israel will launch a preemptive strike against Iran. 

The question is:  When?

Possibly before Christmas, according to this article in the UK Mail.  Victor Davis Hanson point out some political-historical peculiarities and is also convinced that such a move will most likely occur under Obama's watch, rather then a Republican successor, in this NRO article.

What would be the fallout of such an operation?

Clash of Arms Games latest product, Persian Incursion, explores the geo-strategic and operational dilemmas, such a strike would entail.

What can be learned from playing such a game?

Michael Peck discusses his lessons learned in his latest article in Wired.

A lot of my like-minded friends are also wargamers, so today's news generated the following comments:

I thought there was a good chance the Israelis would attack between Obama's election and inauguration, but it didn't happen. I think I'll be more circumspect in my predictions, but this article is interesting.

One quote that got my attention: "the source ruled out direct British support, adding: ‘Of course we are not in favour of Iran developing a bomb – but do we think they’d use it: no."
I'm not so sanguine on that point.

"the source ruled out direct British support"

Kind of easy to rule something out when your capabilities are pretty much zilch anyhow. That's like a football team with a weak armed quarterback ruling out the deep passing game.

Very nice commentary!  It occurs to me that one good side effect of an Israeli attack would be to solve our concerns with Iraq being weak and vulnerable to Iran. If the latter were crushed in a war, the problem would be solved! Win-win!
Ironically, as far as fallout goes (the diplomatic kind), while Israel is castigated publicly most countries will be going (whew, thanks for doing that...sorry we didn't have the stones to help.)

Yeah, to include all of the Gulf Arab states.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Tree Tax Imposed, Now "Delayed"

Well, our Grinchy Leader came up with a unique way to tax us 99%--through Christmas Tree sales.  David Addington explains in his article in The Foundry.

Hmm.  A 15-cent fee/per tree to help "...improve the image and marketing of Christmas trees?"  It seems to me, the only ones who have an "image problem" with Christmas Trees are aethists--who primarily, if not exclusively, vote Democrat.

But for now, Holiday Shoppers can rest easy, because the imposition of the tax--I mean "fee"--has been delayed, according to ABC News.

One friend did spot an opportunity here:

This could be lucrative.  What's next?  Menorahs, Easter Baskets, Halloween Pumpkins, Valentine's Day flowers? 

Yes, all these items are in dire need of "image improvement."

OWS Shenanigans & Generational Cold War

Since we enjoyed Whittle's video so much, Comrade Karla dug up this PJ Media article in Eject! Eject! Eject! 

Unfortunately, this wasn't the only OWS tidbit of the day.  According to David Kahane, OWS, is part of the Left's culture war.  Or, as Mr. Kahane calls it, a Cold Civil War.

In case you want up-to-date information on the latest OWS Shenanigans, check out OWS Exposed, because you'll hardly find any of these stories from the Ministry of Truth (formerly known as "the media").

Monday, November 7, 2011

The End Result of the Touchy-Feely Movement

This Afterburner video, by Bill Whittle, got two thumbs-up, from my like-minded friends. 

And here's a college degree guaranteed to put someone on the fast-track to Zuccotti Park, or whatever piece of downtown real estate today's spoiled hippies are occupying:  Occupier of the Day 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

C for Coporate Sponsorship

Today is Guy Fawkes Day.  When I noticed the Occupy Wallstreet (OWS) hippies started wearing "Guy Fawkes" masks, I had to look him up on Wikipedia.  The masks are actually from the graphic novel, V for Vendetta, which was made into a movie back in 2006.

How did a 17th Century traitor and 20th Century graphic novel become symbols of OWS? 

Edward Lovett explains in this article on the ABC News Blog.

(Image:  from the movie V for Vendetta).

The rest of us non-V-mask-wearers are both dismayed and delighted by irony of the corporate sponsorship of this "anti-capitalism" movement.  Mark Steyn, however, points out, this unholy alliance is directed against the most productive portions of society.  From the OC Register.

Wishful Thinking About Iran

The folks at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), are under the impression all will be well, regarding Iran's nuke program.  Here's their assessment in the End Game article.

Comrade Karla rolled-in on this quote:

Third, no matter what Iran's response, negotiations are always beneficial. If successful, they can lead to diplomatic breakthroughs; and even if they aren't, they can provide the U.S. with important information about Iranian intentions.”

I’m not really sure about the above quote. Don’t these people read history?

To which, another friend provided this insightful commentary into the State Department's mindset:

That quote...from the article hits the mentality at State absolutely on the head - the guiding principle in the organization is not to ever actually accomplish anything, but to keep the process moving. And, it constantly amazes, me, too, because almost all FSOs really have read a lot of history and do know quite a bit about the local background and cultures of the countries they're stationed in. I think it all comes down to an organizational culture - very much akin to that of Oceania in 1984 - that automatically prevents people from reaching any sort of conclusion that would be anti-thetical to received dogma. In the case of Iran, if we ever gave up on negotiations and diplomacy we might have to finally accept that there are incorrigibly bad actors in the world. But, that conclusion would be contradictory to the mindset that everyone can be reasoned with and that mutually agreeable outcomes are always achievable.

And, unfortunately, I don't think that there's any possibility of any change in the organizational culture, so basically this is the sort of foreign policy apparatus the U.S. is going to be stuck with for a long time to come. Which in turn is why I think it better that the U.S. minimize its footprint overseas, because since we are essentially destined to have a foreign policy not rooted in reality, any foreign intercourse we have is bound to not work out.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Game Over in Iraq...

...or at least it will be for us.  Who "lost" Iraq?

Charles Krauthammer lays this right at Obama's feet, in this NRO article.

One friend rolled-in with this commentary:

An excellent article. For me the most interesting thing is the mention of Kurdish President Barzani heading off to Tehran - it's apparently finally become obvious to him now that the promises the U.S. made to him were meaningless. Too bad, too. The Kurds really did want to believe that all the sacrifices they made on our behalf and help they gave us really meant something. Our betrayal of them is going to haunt us for years.

Non-Judgementalism = Moral Abdication

For the past several weeks we've been wondering where the OWS hippies get their dippy ideas.  We've traced some of the problems to the indoctrination kids receive at school, both in the K-12 and college campus realms.

Mona Charen writes about her encounter with the moral relativism infecting her son's school, in this NRO article.

If someone doesn't take a stand against human sacrifices, what will they stand for?

Or as Comrade Karla put it:

Remember, condemning human sacrifice is just being insensitive to somebody else’s culture.

Wars and Rumors of War

While the OWS hippies are tearing-up Oakland and filing legal complaints in the Big Apple, it seems events are moving towards an Iranian-Israeli showdown.

Israel is supposedly considering a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuke facilities, according to this Sky News article.

And the "Zionist Entity" may not be acting alone either.  In this article, from the UK Guardian, Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence (MoD), is ginning-up plans to help--if the US leads the way.

I'm not sure this will happen, since Barack and Bibi have two radically different world views...

Some are even wondering if this story is part of a psyops campaign to get Iran to cease & desist from its "peaceful" nuke program...

Either way, Bibi isn't happy about Israel's plans/faux plans being leaked to the press and is launching an investigation, as mentioned in another Guardian article.

The current situation sparked a couple, in-depth comments:

Actually, the fact this is being leaked out probably is more indicative of a means to pressure Iran rather than an impending attack. That said, I don't put anything past the Israelis if they really feel their survival is at stake (and it may very well be).

The spate of these stories reinforces my belief that there is a concerted effort to pressure Iran using threats of military action. Unfortunately, despite Libya, I don't think this administration is willing to do anything concrete, and I think the Iranians know that, too.   I'm still unsure of how Barry O would react if the Israelis went in unilaterally. Would we overtly or covertly support them? Would we go with Zbiggy Brzezinski's idea that we should "shoot them down" if they tried it (not very likely!)?  Things are coming to a head, both in Iran and Pakistan (and maybe even in North Korea, though I've given up trying to understand or predict that place!)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The New Dirty Word in Political Discourse

Last weekend, Mark Steyn discusses "disabilities," formerly known as "fetishes" and how it can lead to bankrupting the republic.  From the OC Register. 

While "disabilites" are in, "self-reliance" is out.

Blogger's Note:  I meant to post this four days ago, but after attending a Halloween dance and handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters, I forgot to post this. 

Occupy Ironies Continue...

I was off duty for several days and was hoping the OWS hippies would have packed it in by now.  (Sigh).  No such luck.

Yesterday, things turned violent in Oakland, CA, which called for a nation-wide job walk-off.  CNN US has the story.

The "northern front" of Occupy Oakland, even saw some skirmishes here in Seattle.

Mark Steyn rolled-in about the hypocrisy of OWS's corporate sponsorship in his Revolution Inc article.

A lot has been said about the hippy/occupiers naivete--and even down-right ignorance.  So who's to blame for that? 

Bruce Thornton faults our failing schools in this Front Page article. 

He certainly has a point.  How can we expect kids to know about economics, finance, foreign affairs and civics, when they blow their tuition money on courses like Jay-Z 101?

And how's the rest of the nation taking all this?  Not all that well, apparently.  In a recent poll, nearly 40% of responders viewed the OWS in an unfavorable light, according to this National Journal article.