Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taking Out the Trash at OWS Sites

(Image:  From the movie Soylent Green)

Police--and sanitation crews--moved-in on several OWS (Occupy Wallstreet) sites across the country.  "Flea Partiers" are now squawking about having their First Amendment rights squashed.  However, on this side of reality, city officials throughout the nation, are concerned about the health hazard these "People's Democratic Republic enclaves," pose for the citizenry going about their daily lives.  Not to mention the burgeoning crime rate. 
Michelle Malkin posted several live shots of the "storming" of Zuccotti Park, two days ago.  Yahoo News, via AP, reported 70 arrests were made during the clean sweep. 

Meanwhile, here on the west coast, Seattle's mayor apologized to an 84 year-old activist.  She managed to get herself pepper sprayed, when police rolled-in on the Occupy Seattle site.  The Seattle Times has this sympathetic article

In Portland, OR, protestors decided blocking traffic would endear them to morning commuters.  Oregon Live has the story, along with a timeline update.

Most of the lamestream media thinks this is all-so grand.  Phillip Kennicott writes glowingly about this "vibrant brand of urbanism," in this WaPo article.

Comrade Karla called this article and video on Power Line, "a great antidote to the stupid WaPo article," and "how it didn't really activate the urban core."

One of comments that irk me, is when people compare OWS to the Tea Party. 

Yes, I admit I'm a Tea Party fan, so I have a biased opinion.  However, I feel my feelings are grounded within the realm of reality.  I can't recall a single Tea Party rally causing property damage, or disrupting the lives of ordinary folks going about their business.

That being said, SE Cupp, does point out some emotional commonalities between the two opposing grass-roots movements. 

Despite my feelings about the Tea Party, I haven't felt the need to "take to the streets."  Now if Janine Turner, is scheduled to make an appearance, you can count me there!

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