Thursday, June 30, 2011

Putting the Fox in Charge of the Hen House

(Image from Team America)

Once again, the UN shows it deserves the moniker "Useless Nobodies," rather than United Nations.  North Korea, of all nations, has been chosen to lead the UN's Conference on Disarmament. 

FOX News has the story:

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, also has some choice words to say about this: 

And speaking of choice words, my friends had the following to say:

Well, just when the UN seems really irrelevant, silly, and incapable of being serious, they continue to really push the envelope.

In other words Comrade, the UN has hit rock bottom--and started to dig.

Wow...and it's not even an Onion article.

In other news, Bernie Madoff has been appointed to the SEC, Charles Manson has been assigned as the head of the Little Sprouts Daycare Center, and David Duke has been made a trustee of the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?

Fakin' It--Epic Fail

Thanks to the guys at This Ain't Hell, But You Can See It From Here, another douche-bag posing as a veteran was discovered:

After spending all his money on the uniform and doo-dads, the least he could have done was budget for a haircut--not to mention straightening his tie.

One of my friends said MSgt Soup Sandwich's picture was "making the rounds" at work.  Hopefully, it will go viral among veteran's groups--public humiliation in lieu of criminal charges.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Spoonful of Sugar for This Medicine...

I just returned from a last-minute, four-day trip and I thought some political humor would be a good way to get restarted.

"Hydrogen Barackside" is definately a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sometimes We Connect the Dots

(Image by Cox & Forum)

Two men were arrested yesterday for plotting to attack a military processing center in Seattle.

KIRO-TV has the story:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here's Hoping for Change in 2012

If ACORN doesn't stuff the ballot boxes and the Black Panthers don't intimidate voters, Obama may be a one-term president.

Daniel J. Flynn gives his Top-10 Reasons for such a turn-around in Human Events:

Speaking of the economy and stupid... 

Sweden's Usual Suspects & PC Press

(Image:  Knotted Revolver Sculpture in Malmo, Sweden)

Sweden's anti-gun laws haven't stopped "youths" from firing on a local police station in the troubled city of Malmo:

Maybe it's time for the Swedes to unknot that revolver.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Feature Added to the Station

Blogger added a 'Follow by E-Mail' feature, which I placed between 'Station Contents' and 'Search the Station.'

So sign up and get Station WTFO posts on the sad state of affairs delivered to your e-mailbox today!

The Gaza Regatta II

The upcoming heat of "Gaza Boat Races" will feature a kosher crew.

From Yahoo News:

Today's banter in response to this story:
This gives a whole new meaning to the term "useful idiots:"

Calling these folks useful idiots is an insult to useful idiots everywhere...

I wonder if the kosher crew will be issued any of the maritime tools, like the ones confiscated from the last flotilla:

They should also get to know who their fellow shipmates are before they set sail.

The New Game that has Swept the Country

The above picture has been circulating the internet with the following warning:

The object of the game is to destroy American capitalism by having the government take over everything!

Want to play? No??? Too bad, you're already playing... and just don’t know it.

And by the way?

You're not winning. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Still Crazy--But Hanging Tough

Gaddafi continues to weather NATO's desultory bombing campaign.  After all, he's been in power for a few decades.  Meanwhile within the DC Beltway, lawmakers filed a lawsuit against Obama for circumventing Congress and getting us involved in the Libyan 'kinetic military action.'

From ABC News:

FOX News:

Stanely Kurtz comments from The Corner in NRO:

And just who is winning this kinetic military action, formerly called 'war?'

It certainly isn't NATO.  From Yahoo News:

Newsweek branded Gaddafi the 'most dangerous man in the world'--back in 1982.

At the rate the NATO campaign is going, Gaddafi will most likely die of old age.

My friends rollled-in with the following comments:

My my. Could this bye bye NATO?

If Libya defeats them, they deserve it.

"The elephant in the room is the imminent departure of the French carrier, given it has been flying 30-40 percent of all NATO strike sorties," said Tim Ripley, of Jane's Defense Weekly.

A carrier that is about half the size of one of ours with only two cats instead of four is contributing 30-40 percent of the strike sorties. Good for the first rate professionals in the French Navy (and I mean that) but that is a really sad statistic overall...

Transformer Fire in Redmond

A spectacular tranformer fire in Redmond yesterday, caused a significant power outage and traffic back-ups:

Vancouver in Recovery Mode from Riots

(Image:  Smoke from the Stanley Cup Riots in Vancouver, BC)

Vancouverites try clean up after Wednesday night's riots, sparked by the Canucks loss to Boston in the Stanley Cup playoffs:

Note:  Since British Columbia is our northern neighbors, this story is both local and international news.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner's Done, But Other Wieners Remain

(Image by Breen)

The good news is Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress today. 

From the Washington Post (WaPo):

The bad news is there's still plenty of wieners left in Congress.

Michelle Malkin, author of Culture of Corruption, airs some of Congress's dirty laundry that still needs to be cleansed:

Czeching Out

(Image by Sawyers)

The Czechs have checked-out of the Hopeandchange Missile Defense Program, or whatever 'consolation prize,' our Dear Leader offered:

Comrade Karla titled this "Smart Diplomacy," with the caveat that:  If by smart you mean "really stupid moves that alienate our actual allies."

As Mark Steyn has mentioned repeatedly, our allies are now making their own arrangements in an upcoming 'Post-American New World Order.'  (PANWO?)

Dissing our allies and paring-down missile defense will have dire consequences for us as well...

(Image by Stantis)

Porn Stars & Politics

(Image:  Ginger Lee in one of her X-Rated roles)

For the past several days, momentum has mounted in Congress, calling for Weiner to fall on his sword.  Speaking of mounting:  Yesterday, former porn star Ginger Lee held a press conference and put out some details of Twitter conversations she had with Weiner.

From the LA Times:

The concluding statement in this Power Line blog is damning:
I guess there are some wieners even porn stars don't care for...

While Ginger Lee has lawyered-up and is in the Weinergate limelight, her former occupation may not be so former after all.  She was scheduled to perform two dance routines at a strip club, last night in Atlanta.

From the NY Post:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Next Big Contender?

(Translation:  "Struggle hard, to build up a strong Navy." 1977)

While American blood and treasure are being poured into pacifying Iraq and Afghanistan, the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is flexing it's maritime muscle in the South China Sea and beyond.

Edward Wong, writes in the New York Times (NYT), on the PLAN's latest activities:

While the PLAN's ships float on disputed seas, the sinking American economy is creating a financial vaccuum.  A vacuum China would like to fill. 

Comrade Karla asks:

How long before we get invited back to Cam Ranh Bay?

Alan Beattie, writes in the Financial Times (FT) about the twilight of 'Pax Americana:"

It's Been A While...

...since America truly won a war.  Mark Steyn discusses why our leaders often talk about exit strategy instead of victory:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Obama's Road to God-Knows Where

Mark Steyn rolls-in on our Dear Leader's 'road to recovery:' 

"Spending our way" to prosperity is not the way to go, just like the sign below says... 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Britain Thrown Under the Bus Over the Falklands

(Image:  Hillary Clinton and Cristina Kirchner chat in Buenos Aires)

NATO isn't the only political arrangement possibly nearing the end of its shelf-life.  Thanks to our Dear Leader, our relationship with Great Britain my be in the twilight phase.  Ed Morrissey has the story on Hot Air:

Con Coughlin, of the UK's Telegraph, sounds like no big fan of America, but even he's concerned we're not interested in helping Britain's interest in the South Atlantic:

This story started off as a side-bar note to the Gates vs NATO story posted earlier.  But this topic quickly took on a life of its own:

I've been saying for years that the discussion we need to have about NATO is whether or not it still needs to exist. Instead, we've had successive administrations committed to expanding it.  Why not side with Argentina on the Falklands? The Brits can't defend it anymore, they barely pulled it off in 1982. I sure as hell don't want to see American committing itself to defending a boil on the rump of a dead empire at the bottom of the world.

I have a moral issue with supporting moribund, Latin American comic-opera regimes. And there simply is no sovereignty issue. The Islands are populated by Brits, not “oppressed campesinos.”  But at least you can say our admin has been consistent about throwing allies under the bus.

They are clearly British and should remain so. However, if the British lack the wherewithal to mount a defense, that's their problem, not ours.  Sovereignty is as much a de facto state as a de jure one.

Bingo - it's their problem not ours and if they can't or won't defend them then maybe they need to sit down and negotiate the issue however distasteful that may be. 

But we don’t need to be going out and endorsing the Arg’s rather spurious claims. This guy has a predilection for supporting our enemies.

Agreed! There is a big difference between saying Britain can handle it or not on their own (and with the results being a direct reflection on their abdication of many military responsibility), and stating that we think Argentina should get them because they are whining loudly and our daddy hated the brits.

No kidding. We should reasure the UK that we do not recognize Argentina's claim of sovereignty and that we have their back in the UN. Any deviation from that would just be bad precedent. Every chance we get, however, we should be reminding the British that defending that sovereignty militarily is up to them and they'd better get a clue before they are no longer able even to defend Plymouth from a rogue 30-foot Irish trawler!!!.

On the onther hand, as far as NATO goes, I know all of you have been tired of my decades long rant about why this should have gone away in 1991 (or been actually re-negotiated to comply with every post Cold War president's lofty vision). But the way things are....given that NATO's largest action to date continues to be in an area decidedly outside that covered by the North Atlantic Treay ("North Atlantic" or "North America"), I think if the Argies decided to have another go, the UK should appeal to NATO to fulfill its implied obligation to come to their aid. Every justification the US and NATO "allies" have created from the ether to justify a NATO operation in Afghanistan could be used to justify a NATO response to an attack on a member nation's soverign territory anywhere in the world. By the way, in case you are interested, that justification is the same one they put at the top of the documents admitting all those non-North Atlantic countries....that the security of the North Atlantic area would be enhanced/improved, or something to that effect.

There might be another reason for support of the Brits over the Falklands. They’ve been there longer than the U.S. has been in California, among other places. Moreover, the population of those rocks want the Brits. On the other hand, let the Argies have another go. Successive defeats are good for the soul.

I'm not sure I agree. As nations in Latin America gain more economic and political clout we will no longer be able to treat them like after thoughts which we have been doing for some time. If the Brits aren't willing to defend their own people it not only isn't our job to do it for them, I'm not sure it's our job to stand up for them either.

I realize this is not a popular or particularly comfortable view but it is the sort of difficult and uncomfortable question US policy makers and strategists are going to be faced with in the coming years and decades as our traditional allies get continually weaker and there are no replacements available. Gates' speech was a 16" broadside across the bow, far harsher than Rumsfeld's Old Europe speech of several years ago that he was roundly castigated for. Frankly, I think it is a harbinger of things to come that will make the pissing contests of Bush/Chiraq seem like polite little family squabbles.

I look at it from a political culture perspective. Latin America, while changing and perhaps not like it was in the 60s and 70s, has taken some turns for the worse when it comes to bad ideas (voting in commie wannabes) and continuing to nurse revanchist grudges that have not real benefits to them other than to keep people mad and forgetting about how crappy they have it at home.

We blew this in the early 90s when we championed all the various independence movements post Cold War, without bothering to look into the history of them--we thus managed to quite successfully restore the nastiest sort of ethnocentrism in the Balkans by resurrecting and encouraging ex-Nazi puppets. The whole thing was avoidable, I think, but would have required more finesse than we had. All we ultimately did was piss all over the one ally in the region, who, despite all the post-Milosevic reforms, we continue to crap on.  Encouraging the Args is a bad idea either way and could open the door to some historical messes I'm sure most of our politicians are unaware exist.

Challenging Europe to get their heads out and get real about defense spending is another thing altogether.

When I was in the UK in March we met with a couple of lords from Parliament. The fact if the matter in their eyes is one they and the current administration are frustrated with their lack of ability to act because of what Brown's gov't did on the way out. Perhaps a bit of a cop out, but the train had left the station before Cameron's gov't came to power. As for NATO I asked a French 2 star in Brussels if they would have gone to Libya without us and the answer was no. For France and England in particular they want to "punch above their weight" but realize they don't have the capacity nor the capability to do so. In both countries there is an expectation that the US support some their ventures, no matter how wild they may be, because they have supported us in Iraq (France no) and Afghanistan. Size doesn't matter in their minds, it's a principal thing and with our resources they can go off on their little escapades. Thus the politics enter and it becomes difficult, particularly where the UK is concerned, for us to thumb our noses at them when they ask for help. That would explain the angst among Brits back in March and why we as a country took so long to commit. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pres wanted to just say so what and carry on, but others in the administration likely convinced him to support the Brits and France as well. Truly a dilemma for us.

A dilemma indeed.  But I for one, support Great Britain's claim on the Falklands.

Friday, June 10, 2011

SecDef's Scathing Speech on NATO

(Image by Gamble)

Robert Burns, from MyWay, writes on SecDef Gates lambasting of NATO:

Meanwhile, Canada is bailing out of the NATO AWACS:

NATO's future garnered a couple of comments:

Considering the role NATO has played in our lives/memories, it's pretty amazing that it has come to this, although given Euro-fecklessness since the end of the Cold War, perhaps not all that surprising.

The Canuckians know that even if NATO vanishes, they will still benefit from  U.S. defense. They have little to gain from being involved in NATO.  I'm not sure we do either.

Burning Up the Food Supply

Patrick Richardson, of Pajamas Media, rolls-in on the unforeseen consequences of ethanol subsidies: 

I must admit, I thought it was a neat idea initially.  However, shortly after its implementation, I started reading about how the ethanol subsidies have warped the food supply.  Or as Mark Steyn once put it in one of his articles, that at the stroke of a pen, the food supply was now part of the oil industry. 

An illustration of the ethanol cycle:

Net result:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ex Girlfriend Takes Aim At A Weiner

There are some liberals still trying to whitewash Anthony Weiner's internet activities.  One liberal, though is demanding his resignation.

Who is this 'woman scorned?'

His ex-girlfriend Kirsten Powers, a liberal/Democratic commentator and journalist, often seen on FOX News.

I first saw Kirsten when she was paired-off with Michelle Malkin on the O'Reilly Factor.  I always admired Kirsten's pleasant demeanor--even though I've never agreed with anything she said.

Mark Steyn expounds on the implications of defending a wiener like Weiner has for our nation: 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Weinergate Tour Takes a Turn

Andrew Breitbart, the "Deep Throat" of Weinergate, talked to Matt Lauer on Today on how this all came about and his 'hijacking' of a press conference:

Yesterday, the plot thickened when Wiener finally admitted to riske on-line communication with six women and his Democrat friends aren't inclinded to help him out:

Mark Steyn rolled-in on the NYT for its tepid headline:

Today, the Weiner Roast continued...

The NY Post calls for Weiner's resignation:

Hot Air discusses Weiner's chances of his political career surviving 'Weinergeddon:'

And finally, it looks like Nancy Pelosi wants that big gavel back:

While we desperately hope to see the last of photo of Anthony Weiner's crotch, I'm sure we won't be seeing the last of Weinergate...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Weiner Roast

(Image by Ramirez)
Not only does Mark Steyn roast Rep. Weiner, but the whole statist system charging full-steam ahead past $14 trillion in debt:

About the scandal itself, Weiner isn't the only one, literally caught with his pants down.

(Image by Adam)

Apparently none of these guys heard about this study, which actually isn't all that new...

(Image by Jones)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

If You Don't Like the Mandate, Earn Less $

(Image:  Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antionette)

On the 1st of June, our Dear Leader's solicitor general, Neal Kumar Katyal, defended Obamacare in a federal appeals court.  (By the way, I've never heard of the title 'solicitor general' until now).  At some point during the procedings he had this to say about the folks not wanting to see their health insurance premiums skyrocket because of any increase in earnings:  "If you don't like the mandate, earn less money." 

This is what a coworker of mine calls getting punished for being successful.  I think this is on par with Marie Antoinette's "let them eat cake" comment.

The Washington Examiner has the complete story:

(Another image from the movie Marie Antoinette)

The President has Left the Country...

(Image:  Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh)

Most of the world's attention has been on Egypt, so the convulsions of Yemen's "Arab Spring" are viewed as a sideshow.  The Yemen's president was wounded in a rocket attack on Friday.  Now he's in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment.  So naturally, the rebels have stepped up their attacks.

From Yahoo News:

While things may now be heating up in Yemen, a financial crisis involving the other "Arab Spring" nations, specifically, Egypt, Syria and Tunisia is looming:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Egypt's "Women of ILL Repute"

During all the hoopla over Egypt's "Arab Spring," over a dozen women protesters, were detained, beaten given "virginity tests."

The Washington Post (WaPo) has the story:

It's not like they were walking around "Like an Egyptian" as the Bangles did in their heyday, but that doesn't matter to the interim ruling council:  Unescorted females are verbotten.

Comrade Karla comments:

Don't worry. I'm sure their motives are strictly secular.

Actually, with the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, we're concerned the "Facebook Revolutionaries" will be trading one form of tyranny for another.

Defeating Our Dear Leader in 2012

Victor Davis Hansen (VDH) outlines a plan for defeating Obama in 2012:

VDH, on-point, as usual. The question will be, how many people will fall for this (again)?

I think the answer is that at least 45% of the electorate will fall for this again without even thinking about it, plus however many additional people can be convinced that their own well-being is dependent on an increase in the power, size, and scope of the government, and of the federal government in particular.

I'd say most. There are no moderate Republicans in the mix and I think apathy will prevail.

Speaking of apathy...