Friday, June 17, 2011

Still Crazy--But Hanging Tough

Gaddafi continues to weather NATO's desultory bombing campaign.  After all, he's been in power for a few decades.  Meanwhile within the DC Beltway, lawmakers filed a lawsuit against Obama for circumventing Congress and getting us involved in the Libyan 'kinetic military action.'

From ABC News:

FOX News:

Stanely Kurtz comments from The Corner in NRO:

And just who is winning this kinetic military action, formerly called 'war?'

It certainly isn't NATO.  From Yahoo News:

Newsweek branded Gaddafi the 'most dangerous man in the world'--back in 1982.

At the rate the NATO campaign is going, Gaddafi will most likely die of old age.

My friends rollled-in with the following comments:

My my. Could this bye bye NATO?

If Libya defeats them, they deserve it.

"The elephant in the room is the imminent departure of the French carrier, given it has been flying 30-40 percent of all NATO strike sorties," said Tim Ripley, of Jane's Defense Weekly.

A carrier that is about half the size of one of ours with only two cats instead of four is contributing 30-40 percent of the strike sorties. Good for the first rate professionals in the French Navy (and I mean that) but that is a really sad statistic overall...

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