Friday, August 28, 2015

Leftists Adjust Narrative to On-Air Shooting

(Image from:  NY Post)

As my nightshift was coming to an end two mornings ago, every TV station suddenly began carrying the breaking news of the on-air shooting of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward of WDBJ7-TV.

Both victims were engaged to be married.

However, before the suspect was identified, the gun control crowd went on the offensive.

The unlamented Vester wasn't the angry, white, hetero, Republican, card-carrying NRA member the many in the news and social media may have assumed he was.

If that was indeed their assumptions, they got the "angry" part right.  Vester was gay black man, and Obama supporting Democrat

Vester wanted to start a race war.

But in these turbulent, PC-afflicted times, you can't state the obvious.

Comrade Karla, who brought the Breitbart story to our attention had this to say:

...I predict this will die a quick death in the media as it doesn’t fit pre-conceived “narratives.”  The PC crowd is already attacking the messenger. 

I think the good comrade is correct, for the most part.  The gun control issue will be reinvigorated now that Hillary has vowed to take on gun violence in America.

And despite Vester's declaration of race war, leftists are downplaying this and considering this a "gun problem."

(Image from:  Liberal Logic 101)

Whether or not the On Air Shooting story gets buried, two innocent people were murdered and four families are in mourning.

My thoughts and condolences go out to them. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Euro-Train Heroes Honored

A couple of days ago, the Americans and Briton who thwarted the jihadi attack on the Euro-train were awarded France's highest honor--the Legion of Honour.

While we rightly celebrate our fellow Americans' heroism, The Diplomad reminds us about what is not being said about the incident.

Paul Greenberg reminds us these "strangers on a train" harken back to the heroes of United-93.

While ex-pat Rachel Marsden warns us that nonchalance does nothing to discourage terrorism.

Let's keep rolling!

WA Firefighters Take a Break in an Exteneded Campaign

Yesterday, firefighters were able to take a break thanks to weather conditions and fire behavior.  Rain is expected within couple of days and predicted to last throughout the weekend.

But even though firefighters are on a much-needed rest, they know they're in it for the long haul.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dems Considering Late Game Substitutions?

(Image by Gary Varvel)
Typically liberal news agencies seem to be getting Hillary Fatigue.  USA Today doesn't think Hillary's e-mail debacle is no joke
Meanwhile, rumors abounded about a Biden-Warren Ticket.
There's also speculation that Obama's pick of Biden as his VP means Our Dear Leader considers Biden presidential material.
Despite Bernie Sanders' popularity among leftists, it seems as if the Democrat Party elites still don't think he's viable enough to unseat Hillary.  And that if Hillary's campaign continues to chug along, it will drag down their hopes of maintaining the presidency.
(Image by Glenn Foden)

Biggest Wildfire in WA History

Last year, the Carlton Complex Fire was the largest wildfire in WA State's history.

This dubious honor turned out to be short-lived.

As of yesterday, the Okanogan Complex Fire has now claimed the #1 Wildfire Title.

WA State Emergency Management are also dealing with 9 other Fire Mobilizations ("Fire Mobes").  This ties a record set several years ago.

We would have been happy to not even come close.

In all this, I did learn a new term:  Grassoline.

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Day at the R & D Races

(Image by Jerry Herbert)
 Mark Steyn reminds us of the contempt dissatisfaction with the Party of Why Nothing Can Be Done that is contributing to Trump's lead in the Pachyderm Parade.
(Image by Michael Ramirez)
While on the surface, it does look like standard operating procedure for getting rid of out-of-date gadgets, but looks too convenient in light of their former boss's e-mail woes.
But we're assured by a Hillary spokesminion that all this e-mail/secret server hoopla is merely a matter of Hillary not thinking this through.
If Hillary does become president, what future decisions will be made that she "doesn't think through?"
All this might be funny, if it were a movie...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Two 2016 Usurpers

(Image by Chip Bok)
Our political ruling class is in a quandary. 
The only option the Donkey Drove can think of in response is to pick through the recycle bin.

(Image by Gary Varvel)
Rumors abound about Joe Biden and Al Gore tossing their hats in the ring.

Meanwhile, despite grabbing more headlines, things aren't better among the upper crust (R)s.

Trump continues to trump the party.

The GOP Pachyderm Parade isn't doing any better than their Donkey counterparts against their in-house upstart.

Especially when the GOP establishment is learning the wrong lessons from Donald Trump.

Jonah Golberg's observation sums things up:  Trump and Sanders are two peas in a pod

Terrorist Attack Thwarted by Vacationing "Task Force"

(Image from: CNN)
Last week managed to end on one positive note:  Three Americans thwart gunman on a train in France.
It turned out, the gunman was a "known wolf" among the fold.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

WA Wildfires Update: Calling for Help

One of today's Seattle Times articles provides a list of information about this year's wildfire situation and how one can donate.

Yesterday, the names of the three firefighters killed were released to the public.

Here's an interactive map by the USGC that shows wildfires across the US, and a photo gallery.

Nuke Deal News: Iran Gets to Inspect Itself

In the words of Lando Calrissian:  This deal is getting worse all the time.

A few days ago, it was revealed UN plans to keep Iran in check via the honor system.

Nor is this the only secret side deal/concession to the Iranians.

On the other hand, Daniel Pipes reminds us what we need to do if Iran turns down the deal.

3 Firefighters Killed, Fires Continue in WA State

The other day, three firefighters were killed when they got into a vehicle accident and couldn't escape the surrounding flames.

WA State Emergency Management is now coordinating 9 Fire Mobilizations.  That is, fires that are too large for a single county to handle on its own.  The record is 10.

Meanwhile, numerous other fires are being fought by WA State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the US Forest Service as Thousands in WA State wrestle to tame relentless infernos.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hillary's Homebrewed Bathroom Server

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Just when you think Hillary's E-mail Scandal can't get any f'd up, it does. 
To paraphrase Dubya, leave it to the foreign press to do the job American news agencies won't do.
A couple days ago, the UK's Daily Mail broke the story of Hillary's Secret Server was kept in a loft apartment's bathroom closet.
Especially for her fellow Democrats.
The rest of the Donkey Drove may suffer from collateral damage due to the contagious toxicity of Hillary's e-mail scandal.
(Image by Lisa Benson)
Since the FBI is confident it can recover data from the Secret Server, we can be assured there'll be more twists to this twisted tale yet to come.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary Has Company

Hillary isn't the only one who has a trustworthiness problem "public relations problem."

James Weirick warns us that David Petraeus will not go away and why Americans should be cautious.

Petraeus got off easy for mishandling classified information. 

Although his affair did provide everyone with a hefty dose of humor he'll never live down.

Remember the screen grab of the parody titled-bio?

Just in case anyone needs a reminder, and more importantly, a laugh:

(Image from:  The Big Lead)

Here's a couple other headlines--real ones--for your amusement:

(Image from:  American Power Blog)

Common Cents has this and other clever newspaper headlines.

There's enough spin-meisters in office, or trying to get elected to office.  We don't need another one.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

EPA = Environmental Pollution Agency

(Image by Chip Bok)
 Apparently, the EPA is more concerned about carbon dioxide than truly toxic chemicals.
As the details emerge from the sludge, the EPA's Carbon Credit Czarina warned that the contaminated water from the Colorado mine will spread.
Mark Steyn, in turn, warns us that this is what happens when citizens are downstream from bureaucrats.
Paul Driessen concurs.  Rules & Regulations don't apply to the rulers and regulators, only to us proles.
I can't take credit for the title of this blog post.  The honor goes to political cartoonist Dana Summers...
(Image by Dana Summers)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Wildfires Rage Across WA State

(Image from Q13 Okanogan Fire Photo Gallery)
I was on duty yesterday when two wildfires erupted, followed by two more when I went off shift. 
Numerous other fires, mostly caused by lightning strikes from a recent storm front, also burn across the state.
The most urgent situation occurred in Chelan County, where 1,000 residents were forced to evacuate.
(Image from Q13 Fox News)
Weather-related events often lead to unique, even weird situations. For instance, while part of Okanogan County was burning, another portion was under a Flash Flood Warning.
Too bad these two didn't cancel each other out, especially since our drought conditions will resume today.

Hillary's Secret Server Scrutinized

(Image by Gary Varvel)
Let's take a time-out from Trump, for the moment, and return our focus back on Hillary. 
For months Hillary and her cronies assured us no classified material was ever on her secret server.  Charles Krauthammer reminds us that nothing Hillary says is true three weeks later.
(Image by Glenn McCoy)
Hillary's current defense is nothing "labeled" classified was on the secret server. 
The Former Spook In From the Cold explains why the "nothing was labeled classified" defense is bogus.
(Image by Steve Breen)

While Hill & Bill have slithered past previous scandals, many hope this one finally sticks. 

The ray of hope is:  Deleted e-mails may be salvaged.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Still Debating the 1st GOP Debates

(Image by Jerry Holbert)
Turn to any news station, or log on to any news website, and there'll still be some on-going commentary about last weeks 1st GOP 2016 Campaign Debate.  

Apparently, after it was over, Trump allegedly made some vague menstrual remark against hostess Megyn Kelly.  

People like John Kass thinks this is a death blow for Trump. 

But others, like Mark Steyn beg to differ.  He doesn't think "The Menstrual Show" is killing Trump.

The Diplomad doesn't feel he's qualified for political punditry, but remarked that Trump is as thin-skinned as the current occupier of the Oval Office.

 Setting aside the he-said/what-he-meant brouhaha, here's the kind of debate voters--for both parties--would be willing to buy on a pay-per-view basis to see... 

(Image by Nate Beeler)

Mark Steyn's "party pooping" final comments douses the on-going arguments:  The GOP thinks the issue is Trump; much of the base thinks the issue is the GOP

Speaking of party poopers:  Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Usurper, got upstages at one of his own rallies, here in Seattle, by a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters.

So much for solidarity.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden appears to be biding his time...

(Image by Steve Breen)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hillary Getting the Attention She Deserves?

(Image by Robert Ariail)
There's a lot still going on inside the Ramparts of Civilization:  The GOP Debate Post Game Wrap-Up continues, while the Iran Nuke "Deal" (as opposed to "Treaty") is being mulled-over by Congress, and a few more folks are learning about Planned Parenthood's Fetal Organ Harvesting Operation, no thanks to the on-going silence from the non-FOX News stations.
I don't really have anything to add at this point, except for a dose of needed humor to start the week.
While sparks flew among the candidates during last week's GOP Debate, Hillary's campaign is as silent as a graveyard.
Hopefully, Hillary will get the attention she deserves...
(Image by Gary Varvel)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Seattle Skyscraper Sold to Hong Kong Firm

Yesterday, among all the hoopla over the GOP Debates, I came across this local headline: 

Seattle's Columbia Center sold to Hong Kong investors.

I'm not too keen on this, especially since China's building an "island aircraft carrier" in the South China Sea, among other things, like last year's student protests.

GAW Capital Partners is indeed a firm based in Hong Kong.  But this "special administrative region" has been ruled by the PRC (People's Republic of China) since the UK relinquished its lease in 1997. 

So all business decisions sooner or later may lead back to the PRC Politburo.

And it looks like the PRC Hong Kong land-grab will continue.

Hillary's Secret Server Woes Escalate

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Earlier this week the Intelligence Community Inspector General confirmed what us like-minded folks always suspected:  At least five of Hillary's e-mails contained classified information.

Then four days ago the FBI started looking into the security set-up of Hillary's secret server.

Most of us like-minded folks hope these investigations will lead...somewhere...

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Friday, August 7, 2015

First GOP Debate for 2016

(Image by Gary Varvel)

I didn't watch last night's GOP Debates, but I did find a couple political cartoons I thought were funny. 

Anyway, FOX News folks have several post-debate commentaries available, such as the GOP underdogs down-playing their long odds.

Meanwhile, Townhall provided a live Twitter feed, and I'm sure just about every news station and website will be talking about it today.

(Image by Nate Beeler)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

De-Fanging Planned Parenthood Failed

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Mike Adams, a former Democrat and Planned Parenthood supporter, discusses his journey of discovery and asks:  What will Planned Parenthood have to do for any supporter to stop supporting them? 

So for now, Ken Adams' call for Planned Parenthood to tear down this wall won't be answered until more politicians and voters are convinced of the organization's monstrous deeds.

(Image by Robert Ariail)
Unfortunately, we're working against a lion's share of misplaced outrage.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

What's Up PC Commissar?

Bugs Bunny & Company has been making audiences laugh for just over 75 years now (27 July 2015).
But not everyone thinks Looney Tunes is funny, especially our self-appointed PC Commissars, who like to remind us what's not appropriate humor.
Fortunately, Mark Steyn reminds us what has made Merry Melodies/Looney Tunes so amusing all this time in his Bunny in Winter article. 
I love his retort "...the images of people of non-color aren't terribly positive..."
In other words, the cartoons are equal opportunity offenders to the human race in general.
Here's to another 75 years of zany comedy and merry mayhem--along with driving the PC Commissars crazy.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Still Yapping About Immigration

(Image by Lisa Benson)

Since my short hiatus the GOP pachyderm herd, which has grown to 17 candidates, is still yapping about immigration reform, but doing very little about it.  (While the Obamunists are doing everything they can to encourage it).

Ann Coulter reminds the GOP that we're just not that into immigrants.

VDH advises we need a sensible approach to immigration.

Otherwise, Mark Steyn warns, we'll be on the Pathway to Codswallop with an ineffective insanity defense.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)