Wednesday, July 31, 2013

At Least We Got Him on Something

(Image by Bill Hennessy, ABC News)
Yesteday, Manning managed to escape aiding the enemy charges but was convicted of just about everything else.
Comrade Karla complained:
What rubbish. His actions materially aided the enemy, whether he intended them to or not...
But another friend countered:
I don't care what they got him and didn't get him on. We got Al Capone on tax evasion..

(Image from NYMag)
Better luck next time folks.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Motor City Meltdown

(Image by Nate Beeler)

Early last week, Detroit filed for bankruptcy.  Mark Steyn rolled-in on what the significance of Detroit's downfall means to us.  I love his historical comparisons with Hiroshima and the War of 1812. 

But such history, like literacy is lost on the denizens of Detroit, which Mark illustrates so well in Motown's Greatest Hit Jobs

Despite his expertise in foreign affairs, The Diplomad eloquenty shows us the Liberal Promised Land.

I never read Atlas Shrugged, but another of her books was required reading in high school (I can't remember the title).  It's certainly getting a lot of attention now, especially since the downfall of a great American city appears to have been foretold by Ayn Rand, if statism were to run its entire course.

Now Detroit is now Starnesville and if we continue on this path, the rest of our country will look like Detroit...

The Starnesville article generated the following comments:

Not really a Rand fan. Could not wade through Atlas Shrugged way back in high school. Still, this at least sounds prophetic.

Just looking at the size of Atlas Shrugged was enough to scare me off from reading it. But reading the chosen snippets commentators have been using have been quite eye opening.

It is a very long and sometimes trying book, but worth it. Although I think the Objectivisits are weirdos, there are a lot of good ideas in the book.

Aren’t there one or more movies about this?

Yes, but I've not watched them yet.

It's been a long time since I read Atlas Shrugged, but what I think I took away from it was the idea of how parasitism can destroy capitalism and free enterprise, and a lot of vivid demonstrations of how it would really work. But the one philosophical thing I really got personally was that working has value -- all work, even the most menial, helps build society. Without ditch diggers there's be no ditches, so to speak. It keeps me from looking down on blue collar workers, or those doing really sheit jobs. They need to be done and who am I to under-value their contributions. That sort of thing. It's a decent enough book and worth reading, if you can make the slog, though Rand's (Ayn's, but also Paul's) libertarianism goes to far, in my mind. She does, grudgingly, accept the need for a military, though just barely...

An attitude appears to have developed in the US that blue collar jobs are some sort of mark of failure. This is not a good thing. In part, it drives this crack brained idea about “jobs Americans won’t do.” Heck, most of the jobs I used to do as summer work are now basically career work for day laborers.  We need to quit this. That, and figure out a way to get rid of the two parties that are perfectly, if not gleefully, willing to destroy the social, political and economic fabric of this nation for short-sighted political goals (cheap votes and cheap labor).

I haven't seen the movies either, but it looks like Part III will hit the theaters next year. 

I wonder if the producers will re-edit the movies and substitute "Starnesville" with "Detroit?"

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weiner's Campaign Goes Limp

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

Anthony Weiner just can't keep it in his pants can he?

Several days ago, he was locked into a tight mayorial race--until--he got caught in another sexting scandal. 

His on-line gal-pal, Sydney Leathers, blabs to the media.

But the firmer story than Weiner's wiener.

Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin appears to have been hiding a few hundred $Ks from the State Department. 

What's worse, is she's possibly a jihadist sympathizer.

So I guess it's true, at least in the case of Mr & Mrs Weiner/Abedin, politicians do indeed make strange bed fellows.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Phony Narrative

(Image by: Chip Bok)

I spent the past several days moving to a new home, so I've been off-line and barely keeping track of the news. 

A good thing too.  Otherwise, I may have gotten myself all fired-up over any one of the phony scandals swirling around Our Dear Leader.

Basically, we're being told to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

As usual, the Ministry of Truth (formerly known as the mainstream media) is continuing its practice of shielding Obama from political harm

The White House's Big Lie of course stirred up a hornet's nest of Republicans, which has been dismissed as politics as usual.

But there are at least two ladies who are truly irate over O's dismissal

(Image by: Glenn Foden)

I'm glad I caught their interviews on FOX News yesterday (the only network still covering these "phony scandals"). 

Their raw emotions spoke volumes.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Verdict Retaliation

(Image by Henry Payne)
Well the race hucksters and media enablers have been doing a damn fine job of fanning the flames.  Here's just a few examples of "verdict retaliation:"
The Diplomad pulls no punches in stating the left wants a race war.  He makes a couple of great points. 
First, the rate of black-on-black crimes is far higher than white-on-black crimes--and draws no national media attention from the non-FOX news agencies whatsoever.
Second, this fits in with the Obama Administration's "let no crisis go to waste" attitude.  Again, they're revisiting the issue of gun control, with Holder challenging "stand your ground" laws.
A lot of hay has been made over, "if Zimmerman didn't have a gun, Trayvon would still be alive."  (And Zimmerman may well have been beaten to a pulp, but that's not part of the liberal narrative).
But here's some interesting speculation from the American Spectator:  Trayvon would possibly be alive today, albiet in a juvie lock-up, if--the Miami PD Chief didn't "reduce crime" by glossing over criminal activities in school by calling them "disciplinary infractions."
As Mark Twain himself is attributed to saying, there are three kinds of lies:  Lies damned lies and statistics.

King Barack's Opting Out Portions of Obamacare

With all the hoopla over the Zimmerman Trial, followed by last weekend's verdict, the news that Our Dear Leader "...suspended the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act."  This means Obama's choosing which pieces of a law he wants to enforce. 

Michael McConnell explains why this is an abuse of power.

Mr McConnell isn't the only one comparing Obama with King James II.

Mark Steyn declared such abuse of power means we're living under an unconstitutional monarchy.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nukes and Nobel Prizes

(Image by: Sodahead)
Even liberal sites, like the HuffPo are calling for Obama's Nobel Peace Prize to be revoked.
Of course, us knuckle-dragging conservative types didn't think he should have been awarded it in the first place.  Our Dear Leader truly "...didn't build that."
Despite promises and pledges, the world is becoming a more dangerous place.  We'll see more--not less--nuke proliferate across the globe.  If this story is any indication, we're seeing it already.
(Image by:  The People's Cube)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Media Beating of Zimmerman

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Well the barrage of commentaries over the Zimmerman Verdict has been going non-stop.  Activist groups, the lamestream media, the Department of Justice and even Obama continue to fan the flames.
Of all the incessant commentaries, The Diplomad explains it very nicely on how Obama has made things worse.
(Image by Robert Ariail)

The Brainless of the Beltway

(Image from:  The Comical Conservative on Facebook)
Leave it to Mark Steyn to come up with a nugget like this to illustrate what's wrong in DC:
The old line ignorance of the law is not excuse, that’s what they use to say when a citizen came up before a judge. Now...the very people who claim to write the laws are ignorant of the laws they’re writing.
Here's the entire transcript from the Hugh Hewitt Show.
(Image by:  Jerry Holbert)
On a tangential note, but in keeping with this post's Undead Theme:  As I was leaving the gym last Friday, the radio was playing Rockwell's best-known--and to all intents andpurposes--only hit, Somebody's Watching Me.
Who'da thought a one-hit-wonder would be so prophetic?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Piling-on the Evidence for Florida's Media Circus

(Image by Glen McCoy)

Breaking News Update (14 July 2013, 0604 hours PST):

I wrote this post yesterday and scheduled it to appear tomorrow.  However, in light of George Zimmerman's acquittal, I thought I'd post it as soon as I got out of bed.

Based on all the racially motivated hype, I was pleasantly surprised by the verdict.  Discussing this case with a friend of mine over dinner last night, we agreed that if the prosecution merely went after Zimmerman with manslaughter charges, I would have been fine with that. 

Instead the politically-charged prosecution attempted to dog-pile on the evidence in order to force a conviction by sheer weight of numbers.  A "he-must-be-guilty-of-something" mentality, which is the theme of my original post below...

I must admit I haven't been paying too close attention to the Zimmerman Trial.  Right from the get-go the race-baiters fanned the flames of racism, sanctifying Trayvon Martin, while demonizing the "white-hispanic" George Zimmerman.

I know nothing beyond the basic facts of the shooting

I'm not saying Zimmerman is squeaky clean in all this, but now it's now a show trial; or as Roger Simon calls it media porn.

Mark Steyn on the otherhand, warns about the great danger to all of us when the state piles on the "evidence" to convict someone of something--anything.

Child abuse?  Really?

Meanwhile, the lamestream media showed no interest whatsoever about the string of murders in the Windy City over the 4th of July Weekend.

Black-on-black crimes don't fit the liberal narrative of "rampant racism" among whites.  Apparently even being "semi-white" is enough to publicly convict one of racism.

Today's Update Part II:

Protesting a Florida decision in California.  Along with other images of people unhappy with the jury's verdict

I've been seeing some "racism is alive and well in America" comments from some of my friends on Facebook.

Caucasians aren't the only ones capable of racism.  Every culture across the globe deals with this issue.  The problem in our country today is the claim that every decision made by a Caucasian is racially motivated.  The "you-don't-like-Obama-because-he's-black" line of reasoning.

No, I don't like Obama, because I think he's a worse president than Jimmy Carter.  But you can't convince the race card players of this. 

No Buzzing Allowed

(Image: From the movie Blue Thunder)
Apparently, the citizens of Port Angeles, WA were terrorized by Army helicopters
The friend who sent us this story had this opening comment:
You know, I'm pretty sure most people would've enjoyed the free air show.

To which, another responded:

These are the same kind of people who complain about the Blue Angels flying over Seattle.
Now, if they were DHS helicopters, this may be another matter altogether. I wonder if the IRS owns/operates any helos?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Politics Imitating Art

While sequester-induced budget cuts hamper support services within the military and hamper, operational readiness, the Department of Defense can still lavish money on our furry (non-endangered) friends
Looks like someone's taking this Animal Farm phrase way too literally...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hijacking the Battle of Gettysburg

(Image from: Breitbart's Battlecast)
Last week, one of my friends and several thousand other American Civil War re-enactors, took part in celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  This and the Siege of Vicksburg were turning points in the war.
Did Doris Kearns mention any of this when she spoke at the opening ceremony?
Mark Steyn often warns how events and celebrations of a specific historical--not to mention religious--nature, are often hijacked and watered down by liberal activists. 
I doubt my friend appreciated the fact that he was trudging around in the Pennsylvania heat, wearing a wool uniform and drinking tepid water--in order to strike a blow against gender/transgender/gay/lesbian/ intolerance.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Princess, the Ex-Pres and the Yachting Statesman

Two days before most Americans celebrated our independence from Great Britain's royal family, a member of Egypt's royal family passed away--Princess Fawzia.
I didn't even know any of King Farouk's relatives were still around. 
All of the pictures I found of the late princess show her decked-out like any Euro-princess, not in any of the "modern" Muslim garb.
Mark Steyn chronicles Egypt's nine-decade slide down the abyss--and abysmal women's fashion--in his article, The Princess and the Brotherhood
Meanwhile, as Morsi was escorted to his cell by the Egyptian Army, and Princess Fawzia was laid to rest, what was America's leading statesman doing last week?
The State Department admitted that our Secretary of State was "briefly" on his yacht.  And this was after vehemently denying he was on-board at all. 
For us non-nuanced types, this is known as a lie.
This isn't the first time "Isabel" made news.  Remember this?
And while Kerry navigates through the dire straights of American politics, dozens have been killed in Egypt and an interim leader has been nominated.
No matter who's "in charge," Egypt will remain a basket case for some time. 
We're in for some rough weather ahead.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Anything Goes for Jihad

(Image from:  Front Page Mag)

We've heard the reasons why Muslim women are suppose to wear burkhas, abbayas and hijabs.  These fashion accesories are considered necessary to protect a woman's virtue.

But what if that virtue is for sale?

A few months ago, stories started emerging of a fatwa directed at Muslim women, especially in Tunisia, to engage in "sexual jihad", in order to provide relief to Syrian rebels.

Since then, there's been some debate on whether such a fatwa was issued.  But sanctioned or not, an attempt was indeed made to recruit women into the ranks of jihadi prostitutes.

(Image:  "Muslim Marylin Monroe")

Whether or not this practice becomes widespread or not, Raymond Ibrahim warns us in his article The Sex Jihad of uncompromising nature of our jihadist enemies.

When jihadists are willing to sacrifice all moral behavior on the altar of jihad, then we are dealing with a truly implaccable enemy.

As Comrade Karla often says:  We ignore this at our peril.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Road To Ruins

I've relayed commentator articles discussing America's apparent/actual decline, especially from Mark Steyn.  Primarily because I love Mark's tongue-in-cheek style and in these "interesting times," I can use a laugh or three.

However, no matter how much I laugh, I often ask:  How long can things go on like this?

According to VDH, we could coast on fumes for years to come, just like the Roman Empire did.

But, since nature abhors a vacuum, doesn't this mean China will level-up to the world's #1 position?

Not necessarily.

There are other players on the world stage, so our leaders will have to contend with rise of the rest

Meanwhile, with the Obama's scandalfest still simmering, the natives here at home are restless.

Does this mean, we're in a pre-revolutionalry state?


Here's the discussion that followed between two friends in the wake of Roger Simon's article:

The revolution won't be people heading to the streets with guns. The revolution happens when the people who have been following the rules simply quit obeying the federal government. The revolution will be millions of independent contractors working for cash or barter and not reporting income. Just like the 55 mph speed limit was the object of ridicule before it was repealed, the whole system of big stupid government comes crashing down if enough people ignore it and simply quit paying.

I could easily see ObamaCare causing the return of cash payment for medical services. What happens if doctors find cash business is profitable while government managed 3rd party payer medicine is not? What if many thousands of small businesses simply "Go Mexican" and drop out of the regulated economy?
If everyone in the federal government was suddenly cut off from the rest of the country, would life end? No. Most of the day-to-day useful things done by government happen at the local level. It has to be one of the biggest fears of the ruling class that a majority of the people discover that they can live just fine without intervention from the national government.

(Emphasis added by e-mailer to comment posted below the main article).

OTOH, I think all the talk of a revolution in the traditional sense is premature. While there might well be a breakdown of the current order, it would be more a transition than a violent uprising—as noted in the comment.

At the same time, the Federal government will accept what amounts to the re-establishment of the 10th Amendment (what choice will they have)? And perhaps we’ll see some changes—repeal of the 17th would be a good start.
Obamacare will collapse as an unenforceable mess. Doctors that want to stay in business will re-arrange their payment schemes to suit the new reality. There will also be more resorting to the “family doctor” for run of the mill ailments, so the days of getting an MRI for everything will be gone for good.
OTOH, we are in nowhere near the state of political distress we were in the 1850s. There are no duels at Bladensburg between Congressmen and politics is, for now, non-violent as a matter of course (a major difference from the 1850s).

Agreed, hence my inclusion of the comment. Most Americans are too dulled in their senses by their bread and circuses lifestyles to actually become violent, nor is it typical for Americans in general to resort to violence unless pushed to it (fringe freaks aside, of course). I do see somewhat grimmer times coming down the pike, but the changes will be more subtle than violent. In fact, I recall a Steyn comment that living in a decaying society can actually be very comfortable for those who are already in a favorable position financially -- very true, and I expect to live to a comfortable old age. However, we are already witnessing a widening between the haves and have nots that is unhealthy. Stupid college kids are graduating with monstrous debt and no propsects, not to mention no common sense or the benefits of a useful education. A permanent underclass may be forming, mitigated only by living in mom and dad's basement and living off their resources. Those who are doing well tend to continue to do well.

I think Obamacare implementation will be the first chance to shock some of these lumpenproletariat awake. When people, especially youngins with poor prospects start finding out they need to buy health insurance even if they are completely healthy, and get fined thousands for not doing so, they might start to realize that all is not well in their worlds.
Interesting times, to be sure.

Yeah, $5K worth of insurance they don’t want/can’t afford.  And you are 100% dead on re: education. Never was a less informed bunch ever loosed upon the world, while believing they are smarter than all who have gone before.

Because they "know" about, you know, oppression and stuff.  I became totally disillusioned teaching grad students that could not write, could not speak well, were clueless about everything, had no intellectual curiosity, and were intellectually lazy.

And yet now they are being given commissions in the armed forces, hired as analysts, etc. etc.  No wonder there’s some really bozo stuff coming out of policy these days.
Bozo policies indeed.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Breaking News: Pharaoh Morsi Ousted

(Image: Protesters cheering Morsi's removal)
I'm still in the process of moving and have several stories I wish to post.  However, during today's lunchbreak, I caught the news about the Egyptian Army removing President Morsi
I wonder how you say:  Game over, man! Game over! in Arabic?
And if anyone asked Morsi to abdicate, I imagine the scene was similar to this one, from the movie Waterloo.
A couple of days ago, Diplomad expressed his contempt for Obama's Middle East Pyramid Scheme.  Now that Morsi's history, I wonder if anyone has, or will, tell the White House that the "Arab Spring" is over and that "Winter is coming".
More posts on this and other topics to follow!