Thursday, February 25, 2021

Then They Came for the Muppets


(Image by Tom Stiglich)

Just when you'd hope the Wokestapo would run out of items to be offended about--they still manage to find something to get triggered about.

A few days ago, Disney added an "Offensive Content" label to The Muppet Show.

What the "offensive content" is remains unclear, and like everything other form of censorship and Cancel Culture, the vagueness is a deliberate attempt to keep normal people off-balance and even afraid to engage in wrongthink.

With the drastic increase in censorship since "Zhou Biden's" handlers keep telling him he's president, I've been posting more political content directly on Facebook.

I try to take a swipe at Cancel Culture put a humorous spin on my such posts, in what I call Your New Order Humor Break for Today.

Here's my recent one on this topic du jour...

Your New Order Humor Break For Today:

Comrades!  You may have heard that the Disney Division of the Ministry of Truth placed a warning label on The Muppet Show.

We're sorry we can't tell you what The Ministry deems offensive--because you might find such knowledge offensive.

Remember:  Censorship is for your own good. 

My wife's a big fan of the Muppets, and I'm glad we have the whole set on DVDs.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Cara Dune Cancelled

(Image by Margolis & Cox)

 In a Normal World, the firing of an actress from a movie/TV production would be confined to pop culture and celebrity gossip.

However, we live in The New Order's Clown World, and the impact Cancel Culture--a euphemism for The Memory Hole, in Orwell's 1984--is being felt by many.

Ben Shapiro explains this in his reaction to Gina Carano being cancelled by Hollywood on how ordinary people are wary of being accused of wrongthink.

Other YouTubers, some from the coalition calling themselves the "Fandom Menace," who were in the middle of a fundraiser to end human trafficking when the news broke, also chimed in:

Jeremy, of Geeks & Gamers warned--if you don't line up with the left-wing Narrative they will take you down.

Paul Joseph Watson--Gina Carano did nothing wrong.

Anna, That Star Wars Girl--Lucas Films bows to the hate mob.

Just Some Guy shows his knack for referencing poetry--And they came for Gina Carano.

Lauren Chen calls for--cancelling Disney Plus (I never had it to begin with).

Young Rippa 59--questions why Gina Carano was fired, when Disney still employs deranged leftists

Mecharandom 42, "your favorite Youtube harpy," also points out Disney's hypocrisy which allows Krystina Arielle's blatantly racist tweets to go by unpunished.

And Drunk 3PO--expressed how much the fans loved both the character and actress.

I don't have any video streaming service, and haven't watched The Mandalorian.  I've heard great things about the show.

Until now.

Anthony Brian Logan (ABL), is another YouTuber, who's not a Star Wars fan, even posted a video on "unacceptable" tweets

Unlike any other Hollyweird celebrities, there's no sense of schadenfreude in this case, nor at watching the left eating their own. 

Instead, Carano's firing proves that Cancel Culture is a real menace.

From what I'm catching up on, Gina Carano, seems like a normal, decent person--which is why woketards felt compelled to tear her down. 

And just like that, this Cancel Culture brew-up made me an overnight fan of Gina Carano--while I've long given up on following and supporting the Star Wars franchise.  

A franchise which has been reduced to meme-fodder, especially when Life imitates Art...

(Image from Wookiepedia)

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Leftist Admit Their 2020 "No Election Fraud" Lies

(Image by Mike Lester)

 Ever since the Ministry of Truth and the Dimtards declared Beijing Biden (a.k.a. "46*") the undisputed winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, any non-lefty questioning the "irregularities" that occurred throughout Election Day--and beyond--was labelled a conspiracy theorist and threatened with being deplatformed on social media. 

Now we're in the middle of a congressional impeachment hearing of Trump--now a private citizen.  

Not only is this unprecedented in our nation's history, but it's an affront to our nation's founding principles--in which the Dimtards are giving the middle finger to unity forever

If I weren't recovering from major surgery, and so disgusted by this, I might delve into this in a more timely and detailed fashion.


But for now, I'll point out another affront to our nation's founding principles, specifically our election process.

Leftist love to twist and manipulate language.  

What us like-minded folks call "voter fraud," Time declared it The Shadow Campaign That Saved The 2020 Election

Yeah. Right.

However, despite this admission, YouTubers, like Lauren Chen have to tiptoe around the labels of "fraud" when discussing Time unveiling the leftist conspiracy, and Facebook has already restricted Tim Pool for unspecified reasons as he chimed-in on the manipulation of laws and news to influence the election

True, there were a lot of things Our Grand Nagus could have done better, as Tal Bachman points out in his 2020 Election Post Mortem.

I for one, liked, or at least tolerated Trump's tweets.  

As I've half-joked with others, I've felt American politics have been boring ever since the Hamilton-Burr "Debate" of 1804

Anyway, Beijing Biden and his handlers don't have the mandate they proclaim.

It looks like Trump and the GOP came within a total of 90K votes of winning it all

I know it's a small--if any--consolation, which could make the next four years harder for us like-minded folks.

Especially when any one of us could be painted for not going along with leftist orthodoxy of The New Order...

(Image by A.F. Branco)

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Smalltime Day Traders' Say "Foxtrot Yankee" to Big Business

(Image by Steve Breen)


I took both Macro & Micro Economics back in junior college.  About all I currently know about playing the stock market is:  Buy low, sell high.

My skills at high finance involve balancing my checkbook and living within my means.

So it took me some time to digest what's been going on with GameStop

Ben Shapiro provides the best explanation in what he calls The Funniest Prank on Wall Street Ever.

Lauren Chen also explains it as GameStop Wars: Wall Street Strikes Back!

Or as I like to call it:  The Big "Foxtrot Yankee" (phonetic alphabet "F," and "Y," for "F*ck You") to Wall Street.

This latest event, along with everything else that's happened since the 2020 Presidential Election--not to mention all of The Year 2020--as people, like Sydney Watson, what is even happening?

While us like-minded folks think it's hilarious that a pack of small-time day traders outsmarted the Big League Hedge Funders, not everyone's happy, especially the minions within Beijing Biden's administration:

(Image:  Tweet posted by Charlie Kirk)

Nor is this the only time that an activity was shut down.  There's been a trend since Election Day 2020 to "close down early."

(Image:  "Pay Attention," posted on Facebook by Angi Maclaren)

Kurt Schlichter observed:  GameStop lets you see the Matrix.

I agree. 

Our Political Ruling Class, or Uniparty, is Hell-bent on subjugating and even destroying the middle class.  We're living in what The Diplomad calls:  Chaos in the time of Biden.

While it doesn't look like things will improve anytime soon, we can at least take a moment to say:

Suck it, Wall Street! (And the Biden Administration, and the Democrats, and, etc....).

(Image by Steve Kelley)