Thursday, February 25, 2021

Then They Came for the Muppets


(Image by Tom Stiglich)

Just when you'd hope the Wokestapo would run out of items to be offended about--they still manage to find something to get triggered about.

A few days ago, Disney added an "Offensive Content" label to The Muppet Show.

What the "offensive content" is remains unclear, and like everything other form of censorship and Cancel Culture, the vagueness is a deliberate attempt to keep normal people off-balance and even afraid to engage in wrongthink.

With the drastic increase in censorship since "Zhou Biden's" handlers keep telling him he's president, I've been posting more political content directly on Facebook.

I try to take a swipe at Cancel Culture put a humorous spin on my such posts, in what I call Your New Order Humor Break for Today.

Here's my recent one on this topic du jour...

Your New Order Humor Break For Today:

Comrades!  You may have heard that the Disney Division of the Ministry of Truth placed a warning label on The Muppet Show.

We're sorry we can't tell you what The Ministry deems offensive--because you might find such knowledge offensive.

Remember:  Censorship is for your own good. 

My wife's a big fan of the Muppets, and I'm glad we have the whole set on DVDs.

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