Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dan Crenshaw Interrogates Social Media Execs on Silencing Conservatives

I'll be off line more--more than usual--to attend family matters.

A couple of days ago, news broke about a whistle blower at Google informing Project Veritas on how they censor conservatives.

And that's not all.

Google is attempting to prevent "...another Trump situation..."

Of course, the most likely places you'll find this story are among non-leftist YouTubers and Fox News.

While I'm off, I'll leave you with the best video of Senator "Nick Fury" engaging social media apparatchiks.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Cortez's Commentary on "American-Run Concentration Camps"

(Image by Steve Kelley)

Earlier this week, Commissar Cortez put her foot in her mouth--again--and flunked history, while Blue Collar Logic called her comments dumb and insulting.

Ben Shapiro, along with a host of other conservative commentators wrecked her tweet, but that didn't stop the array of non-FOX News media rushing to defend Commissar Cortez's comments and given full-court press.

Although one NBC host called-out AOC--sort of.

CNN going full Godwin's Law was the subject of one episode of The Five.

If illegal aliens are indeed "concentration camp victims," then in addition to being the first inmates in history to break in to such a place, but will be given "free" healthcare in CA and driver's licences in NY--the 13th state to do so.

Of course, while snowflakes are triggered over the "appalling" conditions of American "concentration camps," rich libtards were outraged when Our Grand Nagus wanted to send illegal aliens to Democrat-run cities.

Talk about "not in my backyard," or more likely--my Caucasian gated community.

Commissar Cortez's latest firestorm is yet another instance of proof the Left can't and won't be civil.

In my the regional tabletop gaming community I belong to, one member, our web designer and vice president, expressed her outrage of this "atrocity" on Facebook.  A fellow gamer and I responded with some facts, such as the 2,400 fake families--reported by the NYT no less.

A third conservative gamer joined the fray, but he based his arguments on emotion, just like the leftists did.  Apparently, he's disabled and was outraged over illegal aliens having an easier time getting benefits than he did.

This of course, didn't earn him any sympathy on the Victimhood Scale.  In fact, he was ridiculed and scorned.  By this time, Ms. Web Designer's outrage blew past any semblance of civility and stated that "...anyone who does not empathize with these poor people are dark, soulless human beings..."

There was more and I'm sure I'm missing some other key points.  However, when I read this comment, I unfriended her.

I'll certainly encounter her at game conventions, but I don't have to read her daily rants.

Her attitude is a perfect example of what I call "The Krauthammer Observation" made on one of FOX News' shows some years ago:

Conservatives think Liberals are wrong, but Liberals think Conservatives are evil.

There's a subtle but significant difference between viewing someone as being wrong, vs. being evil.  Libtards and snowflakes use this to demonize and dehumanize us normal, rational human beings.

They feel justified in "punching Nazis" or "milkshaking" those who disagree with them.

While libtards continue to view us like-minded folks as "deplorable," scenarios like this are being played out on the US-Mexican Border:

(Image by Chip Bok)

Monday, June 10, 2019

YouTube's D-Day "Adpocalypse"

(Image from KNNP TV)

Last week, on the eve of celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, an "Adpocalypse" was triggered by Carlos Maza of Vox against Steven Crowder

(Image from Niche Gamer)

Or as MidWestly calls this virtual Celebrity Death Match:  Maza's hurt feelings vs. everyone.

(Image of Maza by The Post Millennial)

Basically, "Milkshake Maza" didn't like Louder Crowder saying mean things about him, so he demanded YouTube to shut down Crowder's channel.

Initially, YouTube resisted, but when Milkshake Maza along his legion of snowflakes threw a bigger tantrum, YouTube caved and a massive wave of censorship swept through the channel.

Young Rippa 59 ripped into Maza and YouTube pointing out that they've created more enemies for themselves.  He also had issued a personal message to Maza.  YouTuber 1791 called Milkshake Maza a coward.

(Image from The Loftus Party)

Michael Knowles found the timing of Maza's attack to be odd--a political stunt in the wake of "Pride Month" and the prelude of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Ben Shapiro pointed out why Crowder got demonetized--that one doesn't have to violate YouTube's terms of service to get penalized if some leftist whines loud enough.

News of this blindsided YouTubers, like Liberty Doll, who was at her day job at the time., spurring many YouTubers to produce additional videos.

Liz Wheeler's brings up what you need to know about demonetizing Steve Crowder--and called-out all the vile things leftists say about conservatives.  But as Sargon of Akkad pointed out this only goes one way--against conservatives.

Conservative commentators, both on TV and YouTube, who don't like Louder Crowder's style of humor defended his freedom of speech like:  Blaire WhiteDaisy CousensGlenn Greenwald (appearing on Tucker Carlson).

However, none of the surge of support for Steve Crowder helped as YouTube went full-scorched earth, by demonetizing everybody, which includes non-political and even gaming channels for "appearing angry."

Speaking of angry, Jeremy at Geeks & Gamers discussed how the outrage mob came for YouTube and the nonsensical new terms.

(Image from The Post Millennial)

Vox didn't ignite the Adpocalypse firestorm alone, but has help from major media outlets.

Louder Crowder didn't take Milkshake Maza's attack laying down though.  He exposed Vox's bullying tactics and warned Vox Adpocalypse is coming for you.

(Image from Steve Crowder's YouTube Channel)

Leftists have a long historical fetish over censorship which is now being weaponized by Big Tech companies and social medial.

The repercussions of this latest "Adpocalypse" are far-reaching.

For starters, leftists have now made YouTube a worse platform for content creators (and viewers I'd assume).

What's worse than worsening a single site infested by SJWs is that YouTube's tactics radicalizes leftists overall and even that the far left media is making liberals insane.

Now YouTube algorithmic commissars are scouring the site for "certain terms" that might trigger more snowflake fascists like Milkshake Maza.

Brittany Pettibone pointed out that you now cannot criticize illegal aliens, nor can history teachers use archival footage of Hitler.

Or as Ezra Levant cheekily titled his video:  YouTube Censorship Will Continue Until Your Politics Improve.

Welcome to today's Orwellian Brave New Clown World...

Monday, June 3, 2019

Signalling Against Censorship

(Image found on imgflip)

For the past few months I haven't been focusing too much attention to the on-going drama swirling around Our Grand Nagus' supposed collusion with the Ruskies and the attempts to impeach him--because he's Donald Trump.

Or something.

And I've pretty much glanced at the headlines about the news beyond the Ramparts of Civilization. Specifically with our Carrier Group Diplomacy directed at Iran, tariffs leveled against China and now Mexico, along with North Korea's latest demonstration of it's true colors by executing envoys.

Not to mention our continued illegal alien influx issue.

Instead I've been concentrating on an issue that has a direct impact on every American, or citizen of any western country for that matter.

And this issue is censorship.  And not just in the public square of politics and social matters, but in how we like to be entertained.  I admit I'm taking this personally, because I'm struggling to be a published author.

A few months ago, Disney and Marvel Studios were all spun-up about the release of Captain Marvel.

However, fans weren't impressed.  In fact, like the first "woke" Gillette commercial (another one was released last week), the movie was getting more Thumbs Down than Thumbs Up.

You see, most fans don't want movies loaded with Social Justice Whining/Feminazi mantras populated by Mary Sue characters.

So what did Disney/Marvel do?

They, along with Rotten Tomatoes went full 1984.

In other words, they finagled the algorithms to censor critics or misdirect inquires to puff-pieces.  Even the Wikipedia entry claims the adverse reaction to a "strong female character" was due to "on-line trolling."

 Basically, they accused the fans were a pack of sexists and misogynists.

We now live in a world where not only can't we criticize leftist politicians and their Marxist machinations, but we're not allowed to complain about the short-comings of movies--about fictional characters and the Hollyweirdos who portray them.

This also applies to other mediums of entertainment:  Books, comic books and TV shows.

I wanted to compile a comprehensive post back in March, but events were unfolding so fast I couldn't keep up.

Several YouTubers I follow posted extra videos in response to the shenanigans pulled by the studios and big tech companies.  And not just the geeky, pop-culture channels either, but folks who usually comment on "hard news," like Tim PoolDaisy Cousens and Lauren Chen.

Now we're seeing the same script played out with the upcoming Batwoman TV show.

 So with all that's going on within our country and around the world, why should this matter?

It's only comic books, super hero movies and TV shows, right?

Well, as Mark Steyn often pointed out:  With the Left, everything's political.

We're not allowed to take a break from the world an be entertained.

Or, as Professor Geek remarked on several of his videos:  These stories form our mythology.  Tales that are suppose to inspire us, instead reek of bad story telling and force a political social agenda on to fans who don't want it.

But the silver lining is:  You can't stop the signal.

For now.

That Star Wars Girl ran afoul of Disney which blocked one of her videos worldwide, in response to the release of extended scenes from Captain Marvel.  Nor was That Star Wars Girl the only one Disney tried to thwart.

Fortunately, a few days later she was able to claim victory over Disney's attempt at censoring the opposition.

Once again--for now.

Jeremy, spokesman for Geeks & Gamers, issued a call-to-arms to all YouTubers, regardless of political social affiliation, to fight back against the encroachment of on-line censorship.

I hope my small blog helps contribute to the cause.

Final Note:

As I mentioned earlier, events both personal and newsworthy, had overtaken me, so I don't have a lot of specific article and video links to this post.

You can check out some of the other YouTubers I didn't mention who continually contribute to the anti-SJW outcry:

Dave Cullen

Just Some Guy

Literature Devil


The Fourth Age

The Amazing Lucas

Young Rippa 59

(Image found on Reddit)