Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Bringing Peace" Declared by DOS

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

Just as 2015 was coming to a close, the Baghdad Bobs of the Department of State (DOS) counted "bringing peace" to Syria as a 2015 win.

I'm not sure what Syria the diplomats are discussing, but Planet Earth's version of Syria is undergoing a bloodbath that doesn't seem on the verge of ending anytime soon.

Nor is the so-called impending Peace in Syria the only self-proclaimed accomplishment.  The DipNote's Year in Review: Pivotal Foreign Policy Moments of 2015, would make one think the DOS is solely responsible for "...peace on earth and goodwill towards man."

(By the way, I find the title of DOS's blog "DipNote" to be rather appropriate, but probably not in the manner the webmasters intended it to be).

Not surprisingly, the DOS is finding itself defending its far-fetched, bringing-peace-to-Syria claim, which is about as far-fetched as our Dear Leader's claim that the "JV team" has been contained.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thou shalt not speak ill of Hil

(Image by Jerry Holbert)

Well, despite the Benghazi Scandal, and having a secret server, enough people crowned Queen-in-Waiting Hillary Clinton The Most Admired Woman.


To paraphrase Mel Brooks' History of the World:  It's good to be the queen.

So much so, that our supposed unbiased media is running interference for her.

Some time ago Townhall''s Kurt Schlicter ran afoul of a CNN news host when he dared to dredge-up Hill & Bill's dirty deeds of the past.

After the broadcast, Kurt warned:  Don't let liberals tell you what you can and can't say about Hillary.

Our current president has shown himself to be thin-skinned.  I can't imagine Hillary having a tougher hide if she gets into the Oval Office.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Democrats: More Concerned With Narrative Than Victory

(Image by Henry Payne)

Apparently, more Americans think the terrorists are winning.

This is hardly surprising since Our Dear Leader is more concerned with jetting around the globe (and burning aviation fuel) to complain about climate change.

(Image by Steve Kelley)

With the proletariat becoming more and more concerned about terrorism, Obama is now attempting to placate the masses.

By soundly defeating our jihadist enemies?

Oh no, nothing so bourgeois.

Instead of pursuing victory on all fronts--or any front for that matter-- the US military is in the process of drafting a "new narrative" for the ISIS War.

So once this "narrative" is refined, our military PR folks will look like they're taking their cues from Baghdad Bob.

(Image by Glenn Foden)

Obama isn't the only strategic simpleton among the Democrats.  Clinton is clueless.  And in general, the Democrats don't know ISIS.

Or choose not to know our enemies.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Over 3K Inmates Released Early in WA State

For the past 13 years, Christmas came early for a few thousand "guests" of the WA State Department of Corrections (DOC).

A few days before this past Christmas, news broke that the DOC released over 3,000 inmates early due to a computer glitch.

Governor Jay Inslee declared this was totally unacceptable and that they were working to locate offenders who need to complete their sentences.

At least three of these prisoners are believed to have committed new crimes.

Here's a DOC Early Release Error Timeline for a quick reference to this fiasco.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

(Image from:  Leavenworth (WA) Christmas Lighting)
I pray there will truly be Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Everyone.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Highway Mountain Pass in WA State Closed Overnight

(Image from earlier pass conditions 21 Dec 15 on KIRO-7 TV)

A winter storm has made driving through Washington State's mountain passes treacherous.  While I was on duty Snoqualmie Pass was closed temporarily due to vehicular spin-outs and accidents.  Avalanches are a common winter hazard.

Just as I was leaving work, it was announced Snoqualmie Pass would be closed until daylight today, while delays could be expected on other mountain passes.

For anyone traveling through Washington State this Christmas weekend, you can check out WSDOT Mountain Pass Report.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Near East--It's Nearer Than You Think

(Image by Gary Varvel)

I mentioned earlier I've had zero interest in watching the GOP Debates.  If were possible to have an interest of less than zero, then it would apply to the Donkey Drove Debates.

Fortunately, Jay Caruso of Red State, wrote Dem Debate Cliffnotes, and Leah Barkoukis of Townhall posted Everything You Need to Know About the Dem Debates for folks like me who have better things to do on a Saturday night.

What I did find interesting was that a Sanders Campaign was accused of hacking into the Hillary Campaign database.  A Watergate-sized scandal was averted (so far) when a handful of Sanders lackeys were forced to fall on their swords.

While the Donkey Drove candidates quibbled on issues like how much "free stuff" they'll give away, Mark Steyn took a passing swipe at the Pachyderm Parade and warns us the "...Near's nearer than you think."

I thought Mark's quote made a good title for this post, especially since only one candidate among both political parties, appears to have an idea of the jihadi threat we face.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

Friday, December 18, 2015

Post GOP Debate Commentaries

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to Trump:  That I don't care for the guy personally, but he's the only one in the Pachyderm Parade going for the Immigration Jugular.  Whereas, everyone else is quibbling about how they'd "...make the trains run on time" better than a Queen Hillary, or Premier Bernie would.

 The Diplomad points out that "...Trump is setting the parameters for discussion in this election."

Mark Steyn's made similar observations, especially about "Jeb!" being the $100 million Bush Leaguer.

Firebrand Ann Coulter thinks it's time for the other [GOP] candidates to drop out.

I would like to disagree with Miss Coulter, especially if any of the other "more palatable" candidates decides to stiffen their Immigration Vertebrae.  But since this hasn't happened yet--and doesn't appear that it's going to happen--like it or not...

(Image by Jerry Holbert)
...we may see Trump being the "last elephant standing" in the GOP Primary Stampede.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Final GOP Debate of 2015

(Image by Gary Varvel)

For the past several days I've been doing a lot of off-line activities in preparation for Christmas:  Writing cards to family and friends, wrapping presents and mailing packages, along with attending a couple Holiday-ish gatherings.

The world, of course, isn't slowing down, let alone stopping, for the upcoming Holidays.

So I didn't watch last night's GOP debates in Vegas.

I'm not completely apathetic, I'm just in an "anybody-but-Hillary" mindset.

Townhall has a debate round-up for anyone, like me, who didn't watch.

While Mark Steyn comments on Marco Rubio's shortcomings, along with a swipe at attempting to regulate the earth's temperature.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winter Weather Causes Damage in Western WA State

I was on duty for the past few days.

But it looks like I left just before our current batch of storm wrecked havoc in Western WA State.

There was a mudslide along I-5 that crews are working to clear.

Following the Jihadi Money Trail

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

There was early speculation that a heated debate about Islamic violence between Sayed Farook and an Islamophobic coworker triggered Mr & Mrs Jihadi Farook killing spree in San Bernadino.

A couple days ago, news broke that bank records show $28,000 was deposited to Sayed's account two weeks before he and the missus sprung their attack.

While the money trail hasn't led to any jihad supporters yet, the FBI is looking at possible evidence that Sayed may have conducted some planning for an attempted past terror plot.

Also, Mr & Mrs Jihadi may have been Islamists even before they met.

Regardless of what evidence leads where, Americans are looking out for their own personal protection.  Americans have bought over 100 million guns during Obama's presidency so far.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

According to this gun store owner, the the best way to piss off the prez is to buy a gun.

Monday, December 7, 2015

O's Speech on Terrorism

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

I watched most of Obama's speech in response to the San Bernadino shooting.

There was one good thing about the speech:  It was short.

Otherwise, O's reassurances fell flat.

All this has Mark Steyn "partying on the precipice."


This should have been posted earlier today (7 Dec 2015), but I forgot to press the "Publish" button.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Unchanging Narrative of Mass Shootings

(Image by Nate Beeler)

So far, we're being told the San Bernadino Shooters were part of a larger group, although it's now being mentioned in-passing that the FBI is investigating the shooting as an act of terror.

While the Feds are finally coming around to actually saying the word "terror," once again, the liberal media is completely wrong about gun violence.

Media types aren't the only ones who are clueless about guns and gun violence.  Leftist politicians are brainless.  Take Barbara Boxer for instance, who claimed Sensible gun laws work. We've proven it in California.

Her statement is as idiotic as Our Dear Leader's one about mass shootings don't happen outside the US.

Speaking of which, Obama will be addressing the nation tonight.

What Our Dear Leader parrot from the nearest teleprompter is anyone's guess.

Unless it's some radical executive order, tonight's address will probably another chapter in the unchanging storyline.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

Friday, December 4, 2015

SoCal Shooting Update

Well, the investigators haven't called Wednesday's massacre in San Bernadino "terrorism," but sure looking like, walking like and quacking like an act of terror.

The Feds are now probing the digital profile of the killers/jihadists.

The names of the 14 people killed in the attack have been released.

Apparently the hue & cry for more gun control erupted from the leftist ranks long before any of the facts were known--like the killers employing pipe bombs.

I haven't heard any of it, because I've been too busy putting up Christmas decorations, but The Diplomad has and rolled-in on the demand to revise our gun laws.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn called-out both Our Dear Leader's "powerful rebuke" and the PC-infected if you see something, say something mantra.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Catching Up: Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

(Image from WYFF-4 News)

I've been off line, first to celebrate Thanksgiving, then to help my bride decorate our house for Christmas, and finally to wrap and mail presents to some family members.

But as usual, bad news doesn't take a holiday.

I thought I'd start off by commenting about the Friday shooting at the Planned Parenthood Office in Colorado Springs, CO.

The POS (Piece of "Crap") killer appeared in court today.

As some regular readers know, I'm certainly no fan of Planned Parenthood, especially in light of their organ harvesting of fetuses.

That being said, the killer certainly deserves the death penalty.

It should go without saying that murdering innocent people at work, or seeking services, is not the way to protest Planned Parenthood's operation.

Apparently, some are willing to blame "Christian terrorism", while Our Dear Leader claimed mass shootings like this "...don't happen in other countries..."--while in Paris.

Meanwhile, Megyn Kelley called-out the leftist media claim that "angry rhetoric" was to blame for the shooting.