Sunday, February 19, 2012

Avalanches Kill 3 Skiers and 1 Snowboarder

Our dayshift crew was busy coordinating assets for the rescue missions at two Cascade Mountain ski resorts.

The Seattle Times article and the local TV news networks have been making it clear that these groups were in out-of-bounds areas.  And today's tragedy serves as a reminder, why such areas are out-of-bounds.


  1. Yeah. Read this earlier this afternoon and immediately thought "Hope Ted's off today." Guess that wasn't the case. Three killed in an avalanche AFTER it had been announced that the avalanche danger was extremely high due to the warming temperatures. And then the other guy rides his snowboard over a cliff! Talk about Extreme Sports! Still, sympathies to all the families and let's hope that, while tragic, these four deaths will serve as warnings to others and perhaps other lives will be saved.

  2. Actually, I came on duty right afterwards, but there's still search & rescue folks deployed, so we're keeping tabs in the situation. I'm definately no adrenaline junkie, so I'm perfectly happy swooshing down the bunny slopes. :)