Monday, February 6, 2012

Israel: America's National Security Threat?

According to Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, an Israeli pre-emptive strike against Iran, "...could spell trouble for America..."


This gem promted the following comments:

But Iran getting nuclear capability is no big deal, I guess. These people are true, strategic geniuses. To quote the character in the western Bad Company:   “You have some real thinkers in your outfit…” 

Personally, this is tough - the U.S. COULD live with a nuclearized Iran as they would not be an existential threat, though it would be a really crappy situation given the inevitable proliferation break-out that would follow. Israel, on the other hand, is too small and vulnerable to do so. Three nukes (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa) and they cease to exist. Add a couple more to eliminate their nuclear weapons facilities, and a surprise attack starts to look like a reasonable and achievable option for Iran. The world would be angry, of course, but the Iranians know that sooner or later the Chicoms and Russians would forgive them, followed by everybody else, especially when the Iranians claimed it was preemptive self-defense. Add in all the crazy Twelth Imam, apocalyptic stuff they are steeped in and it starts to get very scary for Israel. They have no choice but to attack. Sometimes I wonder if the real debate on their end is nuclear versus conventional attack.

...what we have been seeing out of DOD and DOS (let alone the administration) has been pretty much “amateur hour.”

That's since day 1 of this Administration!

I'm sure the Israelis are "hoping for change" this November.

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