Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tainting Special Ops with Political Correctness

See anything "wrong" with this picture of SEAL trainees? 


Well to the folks who regularly drink the bilge-water of political correctness (PC), there is something terribly wrong with the composition of our nation's top-rated special operations forces.

The SEALS are--gasp!--predominantly white! 

Whatever shall we do to fix this blatant disregard to multicultural diversity?

According to Time, via Yahoo News, the Navy is now going full-speed ahead to recruit minorities.

While this may sound dandy to the Diversity Enforcement Commissars, but it will most likely dull the keen edge of our special ops.

Comrade Karla put it best:

How do you force minorities to become interested? There are historical/social reasons they don't apply for this--they are similar to the ones that caused the squadron of 11th ACR I visited in the 80s do be maybe 1/4 minorities v. the Corps support units in the rear that had a lot more blacks--they wanted admin/computer training and you don't really get much of that in a line unit.

Of course, traditionally we lower standards to make this work...which would be a real disaster in more ways than one.

This story didn't spark much of a debate among us.  In fact it didn't spark one at all.  The most common comment was some variation of:  I have nothing to add.

In the long run, by shoving unwilling, or less-than-qualified minorities, on to the "tip of the spear," we'll be giving our special forces the shaft.

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