Friday, February 17, 2012

Obama's Fiscal Follies

Despite the hue & cry for cutting the budget, there is one sector that will be seeing an increase:  Federal workers.  Investors Business Daily (IBD), pointed out a couple days ago, that Obama has an ulterior motive for the pay raise:  To garner votes.

In the course of several hours, an extensive debate erupted between my friends over what departments and agencies should be cut and why.  The e-mail responses were so in-depth, that each one deserved to be a separate blogpost.  Since I merely want to provide thumbnail sketches of event that concern us, I've decided to leave out all the crossfire.

Meanwhile, our deficit continues to grow by the minute.  Here's some scary facts, provided by Yahoo News.

And of course, Mark Steyn does a brilliant job of tying the budget to the condom controversy.

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