Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Argentina to Make a "Big Announcement" Regarding the Falkland Is.

At 5 PM EST, Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, will make a major announcement on TV, regarding the Falkland Islands. 

Argentina has resurrected claims to the islands, which Great Britain has staunchly defended since the Falkland Island War.  Her Majesty's Government is dispatching its newest destroyer, HMS Dauntless to the Falklands. 

Several days ago an author acquaintance of mine, Piper Bayard, posted this Wash, Rinse, Repeat article on her blog.

We'll see what "Evita 2.0" has in mind in the next 45 minutes, or so...

Update:  5:10 PM PST--this just in from a friend--

 Yawn. Evita 2.0 is going to whine to the UN about the "militarization" of the South Atlantic.

Hmm, wonder why it is "militarized!"

And Comrade Karla Senior put things in a witty, historical perspective:

What a giggle. The argies have been mumping about the Falklands off and on since WW2, maybe before. I remember reading articles about it in the Illustrated London News as a boy, and later, off and on, in Britain. Interesting is the date cited as the islands having been a possession of Britain: 1833. The US has only 'owned' California and the Southwest since 1846. Texas broke away from Mexico in 1836, was annexed by the US in 1846, left the Union in 1861, retaken in 1865 and rejoined a couple years later. Considering how the US acquired California and the Southwest, and when they did, what kind of precedent will it be if Mexico starts making noises? Texas would probably be another matter. I guess the fact that Mexico may be re-acquiring areas of the US near the border, it could beg the question. I have friends in El Paso who assert the 'reconquista' has already taken place. Interesting times we live in. This stuff is more fun that all the s*** in the Near-and-Mid East.

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