Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage Perpetuates Outrage

Despite profuse apologies for the inadvertant burning of Korans at Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan, from the President of the United States, on down to senior Pentagon officials, the "usual suspects" are still baying for blood--our blood.

Two more Americans were killed as a result of the perpetual outrage.

We've apologized ad nauseum. In civilized society, even by 7th Century standards, apologies are to be graciously accepted. We're facing barbarians at the gates. And in Bagram--quite literally.

Comrade Karla hit the nail on the head with the following comments:

Time to go....I'm not sure I care anymore about people who care more about a stupid, accidental book burning but are quite happy to allow child rape and abuse of women in their "culture."

Our future policy should be, given the Taliban will likely be back in charge before too long, "Rubble Doesn't Make Trouble." Make it very clear to them--any trouble, and we pound you. Drones, aircraft, SOF. We'll find you and kill you in your bed.
Iraq might have worked...there was probably never any hope for this place.

I say it's time for some "Danger Close" missions.  (Fire support, or airstrikes within 600 meters of friendly forces).

 ...screw ups will happen--and there is NO justification whatsoever for this behavior. Whether cartoons or koran "mistreatment," it does not excuse the behavior of these people. Time to go. We can't make them live in the 21st century.

And they don't *wan't* to grow into the 20th century--that's the problem. Islam is a political ideology, not just a religion--we are still in full on denial of this simple fact and as long as we remain in denial, the problems will continue. We are not the problem. They are. Unfortunately, their pathologies are our problem, too.

...we will never be perfect enough for them and they will always find a reason to kill us, however irrational. The korans in question had been defaced by prisoners. Were they mad about that? Of course not! Only trumped up nonsense against the infidel will do.

This is all part of prepping the battlefield--they are chosing sides and have made it quite clear now.

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