Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sea World: Today's Slave Owners?

A San Diego judge will decide if animals have Constitutional Rights against slavery.
Talk about elevating stupid to a new level...and wasting tax dollars. It's also insulting. Slaves are people; animals are not.

A federal judge ... this has to be some PETA wack-job lawyer thing ... I guess this means you can't stop your dog from going out and you can't have it neutered without it's express consent. Leashes? How barbaric !!! Dog food? That's for animals !!!
The twisted logic is that if you treat animals as if they're people, people will treat their fellow humans in a kinder/gentler way. Historically, this has not always been the case. When animals are elevated to the same level as humans, then human beings become de-humanized. Nazi Germany had the most stringent laws against animal experimentation--but they had no qualms about conducting medical experiments on Jews.
Other reactions to this impending landmark case:

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