Sunday, September 26, 2021

6 Degrees of Testicular Separation


(Image from A.F. Branco)

Despite all the other problems plaguing our nation, especially the false narrative over our mounted Border Patrol agents, I’m going to examine Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s balls instead.   😬

I mean, the recap the Twitterstorm over Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicles.

A couple weeks ago, the sultry rapper found herself at the epicenter of #Ballgate.

Her thought crime?

Going against the leftist Narrative on the Vaxx Mandate.  At one point in the Twitter fire fight, she dared to suggest that people make their own informed decisions regarding the Kung Flu Jab.

Normally, I’d get my schadenfreude fix by watching libtards destroy each other.

However, the overreaction over Nicki’s cousin’s friend’s balls—incurring the wrath of Cancel Culture, along with the Collusion of Big Brother Tech, the Ministry of Truth and the Harris-Biden Regime--is a lesson all of us should pay attention to.

At one point, Nicki Minaj and Tucker Carlson agreed on Covid vaccine mandates, which resulted in the mass meltdown

Nor was the Twitterstorm limited to America either.  

Or even Twitter for that matter, as mainstream media outlets vented their outrage.  Government entities also got involved.  Within days, the White House, Trinidad’s Health Minister, and the UK Prime Minister felt compelled to weigh-in.

(Image found on Twitter)

But Nicki isn’t backing down.

Good for her.

Second Amendment Maven, Liberty Doll, posted her latest video (uploaded 21 Sep 21), #Ballgate: Nicki Minaj, Vaccines & Communist China, which provided an in-depth examination on the chain of events and reactions from the White House on down to the anonymous Twitter trolls. 

True, the claim by Nicki’s cousin’s friend is probably bogus, as mentioned by the commentators in the links provided.  But her concern for people making their own health-care decision was valid, and the all-out effort to silence her is alarming.

Nicki Minaj certainly isn’t a conservative by any means.  However, it doesn’t take a left-leaning person to overdose on an entire bottle of Red Pills for us right-leaning folks to sympathize with her plight.

Just one Red Pill will do.

It certainly won’t change her overall outlook, but at least on we can find common ground with her on the Vaxx Mandate.

One of the issues the Dimtards and their woketard allies fail to recognize is the inconsistency in their Vaxx & Mask messaging.  Instead, they resort to gaslighting.  The flagrant flouting of Vaxx & Mask Mandates by the “sophisticated” crowd isn’t winning-over the Hearts & Minds of the doubtful either.

Which begs the question:  Do the vaccines work, or don’t they?   😷

(Image found on Facebook)

So you see, when it comes to freedom of choice, speech and expression; one truly isn’t no more than six degrees separated from Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s balls.   😨

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