Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vote-Stealing Storm

While those on the east coast struggle to rebuild their lives, some of the news agencies are beggining to ask:  How will Superstorm Sandy affect next week's presidential election? 
Joe B. Pollack on Breitbart thinks Obama supporters--to include the majority of news agencies--will claim Sandy stole the election.

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The "Other Storm"

While Hurrican Sandy continues to churn through the east coast, the political waters continue to boil over Benghazigate.
At least for one news agency.  This past Sunday (28 Oct), the 11 September attack on our consolate in Benghazi was all but ingored, except for FOX News
Mark Steyn published his "Benhoozi?" article a few days ago, but at the time of this posting, I can't access the direct link to the National Review Online, or the Orange County Register
In the meantime, Baynard & Holmes, a couple of bloggers I follow, rolled-in with intelligence perspective on this scandal.
No one is sure if Benghazigate will cost Obama the election, now just over a week away.  But according to most pre-Sandy polls, Romney has surged ahead.  So at a minimum, the Benghazi scandal will cost Obama some votes.
However, a post-Sandy reality may emerge, in which the storm will continue to wreck havoc by making political polling all but worthless.
But that hasn't stopped Team Obama from asking voters--even ones in storm ravaged areas--to "get his back."

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tall Ship Lost at Sea

I've been a Tall Ship aficionado for as long as I can remember.  So I'm very sad to hear HMS Bounty (replica) was lost at sea, along with a couple of crew members.

Other Hurricane Sandy stories include:

--Massive power outages

--Flooded subway tunnels

--Dangling construction cranes

--Live blog update on the storm and related stories

But most disturbing of all, gangs planning looting sprees and possibly coordinating their plans on Twitter.  If so, then it may be time for law abiding citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Late Hurricane Season Storm

(Image from The Weather Channel as of 25 Oct 2012)

They're calling Hurricane Sandy a superstorm and its expected to make landfall sometime tomorrow (Monday, 29 Oct 2012).

I'm sure my department will be leaning forward, in order to ready any urban search and rescue teams.

Hopefully, they won't be needed.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Big Bird, Binders and Bayonets

A couple of days ago, the GOP rolled out a new political ad
While Romney kept hammering on the topic of the economy and jobs, the Obama campaign continued to toss out distractions.  So the presidential debates have now boiled down to...
I find nothing wrong with "binders full of women"...
...not to mention horses and bayonets. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Benghazi and Bayonets

Earlier today, Dennis Miller posted this on Facebook:  Ironically, a Marine detail with "fixed bayonets" outside our Benghazi Consulate would have probably done the trick.
And he made similar comments on tonight's O'Reilly Factor
Speaking of Benghazigate, Diplomad 2.0 speculates there may have been some sort of arms-for-Syrian-rebels going on in Libya, which may explain some of the Obama Admin's "it-was-the-YouTube-video" narrative. 
Right now this is just speculation. 
In the meantime, what is coming to light is that Team Obama knew of the attack within a couple of hours, thanks to some leaked e-mails
One of my on-line friends predicted that since Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus, there may be leaks from "anonymous sources."
Looks like my friend's prediction is coming true.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Of Horses and Bayonets

Last night viewers tuned in for the final debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama.  I didn't pay too much attention to the show, because my mind has already been made up.  (In case any of you are wondering).  Apparently, Obama's "horses and bayonets" retort about America's military capability caused quite an on-line stir.
Despite Obama's snarky response, Scott Johnson thought Romney landed most of the knock-out punches
So.  Who won last night's debate?
Most conservative commentators say it was a draw and that Romney "played it safe," by not calling out Obama on such topics as Benghazigate.  Romney also kept bringing up the economy, knowing that is what voters are most concerned about.  In other words, Romney was thinking strategically instead of tactically. 
Jennifer Rubin lists Ten Debate Follow-Ups.
As to the actual "bayonet" comment, Mark Steyn pointed out that our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have managed to see the use of cold steel.
Not to mention horses by our special ops folks...
Whether Romney played it too safe or not, it hasn't hurt his momentum.  Part of this may be explained by a phenomena known as preference cascade
Whether this "cascade" moves Mr and Mrs Romney into the White House will be determined in just two weeks from now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012 VP Debate--Foreshadowing Pres. Debate Rnd 2?

Tonight is Round 2 of the 2012 Presidential Debates.  
I've been away from internet for nearly a week, due to a family emergency.  So I missed the immediate post-Vice Presidential Debate commentaries.  But from what I've gleaned so far, even the Lame Stream Media criticized Biden's bizzarre behavior during last week's only VP Debate. 
Team Obama has been in full damage control ever since. 
Four days ago, Yuval Levin offered this assessment.
But that didn't stop Mark Steyn from rolling-in on Joe's biggest lie.
Rumor has it that Our Dear Leader is suppose to own up to Benghazigate.
We'll see what tonight brings.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Media Meltdown Continues

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
The wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Romney/Obama Debate continues.  Andrew Sullivan weeps that his idol  threw away the election.

While the media was certainly antagonistic towards George Bush the Younger, I've never seen such blatant partisanship in the media until Obama's election campaign.  How can the claim to be unbiased?

Richard Fernandez rolls-in with some skulls and podiums counter arguments.

The Subsidized Nest

I found this cartoon on Facebook which reminded my of Mark Steyn's Friday article.  So I thought it was worth reposting the government nest.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Prostituting Themselves

I can't remember a time when the media took orders from a president to "get" his political opponent.  No wonder 60% of Americans don't trust the Lamestream Media.  And that's probably a conservative estimate.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

MSM Meltdown

(Image by Steve Breen)
Two nights ago, President Obama faced Mitt Romney in the first of three presidential debates--and by all accounts was soundly trounced.  Romney has now edged ahead in three battleground states.
Of course, the debate debacle caused the Mainstream Media (MSM, aka The Ministry of Truth), to go into a complete meltdown, like Chris Matthews.
At the 1:28 point in the video, "Tingly Legs" asks:  Where was Obama tonight!?
Well, I can answer that:  He was right in front of you and the rest of the court eunuchs and has been since Our Dear Leader started his 2008 campaign quest.  The "Lamestream Media" just never bothered to look.
Nor are they going to start.  Instead they're asking:  "What happened?"
Jonah Goldberg responds with the Undoing of the Storybook Man.
Since it's been a couple days now, Team Obama and the Lamestream Lapdogs have regrouped--somewhat--and have come up with all sorts of excuses.
Romney's a liar.
It was what Obama didn't say that was most important.
It was yet another example of The Incumbent Curse.
Most outrageous of all, according to The Goracle--oxygen deprivation.
Romney's a meanie for picking on Big Bird.
The wailing and gnashing of teeth will continue, along with all sorts of accusations.  But some members of Team Romney are hitting back--hard.  Just ask Andrea Mitchell.
As far as poor Big Bird is concerned, Mark Steyn asks:  When is he going to leave the government nest?
(Image by Foden)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Neurotic "Usual Suspects"

(Image by Beeler)
Victor David Hanson ("VDH") explains how and why the rest of the world exempts the middle east from normal, civil behavior.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Red Line for Iran?

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, gave an impassioned speech, complete with a visual aid, about Iran's growing nuke capability. 
As mentioned in an earlier post, Obama was too busy with his "Eye Candy" performance on The View, to meet with Netanyahu, or any other head-of-state, for that matter.  Instead, our Eye-Candy-in-Chief phoned-in his meeting, but still rejected the plea for red lines. 
Despite the growing danger posed by Iran's nuclear ambitions, CNN's Piers Morgan found Ahmadinejad "charming," and John Stewart thought the prime minister's speech to be especially amusing.
(Image by:  Henry Payne)
Yeah, many people found Adolf Hitler "charming" too. 
Apparently the US delegation at the Useless Nobodies (UN) dutifully stayed seated during Ahmadinejad's speech.