Thursday, October 25, 2012

Benghazi and Bayonets

Earlier today, Dennis Miller posted this on Facebook:  Ironically, a Marine detail with "fixed bayonets" outside our Benghazi Consulate would have probably done the trick.
And he made similar comments on tonight's O'Reilly Factor
Speaking of Benghazigate, Diplomad 2.0 speculates there may have been some sort of arms-for-Syrian-rebels going on in Libya, which may explain some of the Obama Admin's "it-was-the-YouTube-video" narrative. 
Right now this is just speculation. 
In the meantime, what is coming to light is that Team Obama knew of the attack within a couple of hours, thanks to some leaked e-mails
One of my on-line friends predicted that since Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus, there may be leaks from "anonymous sources."
Looks like my friend's prediction is coming true.

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